Owning a 10 wheeler dump truck comes with benefits and anyone who acquires one would realize how much of a help it is for their business. It is a flexible and capable machine that could transport materials that smaller vehicles cannot carry. 

A 10 wheeler dump truck is probably the most used vehicle on a job site. While it is tough and probably could withstand high amounts of pressure, it needs all the care and attention to continue doing so for a longer time. 

Here are some maintenance tips and a checklist for one’s 10 wheeler dump truck:  

Regular Maintenance

Check tires regularly. Like any other vehicle, tires in a 10 wheeler dump truck need regular checking and maintenance. One should maintain the recommended PSI of the tires as these parts are subject to high amounts of pressure and weight. Check for uneven wear of the tires that are sometimes caused by improper alignment, overinflation, underinflation, or a worn out suspension. Keeping a spare tire is also advisable as one flat tire is a simple problem but could halt a whole operation.  

Maintain battery. The batteries in a 10 wheeler dump truck not only start the vehicle but also lifts the dump box. Make sure that the battery terminals are free from corrosion and are well-charged.

Take good care of the engine. Make sure than preventive maintenance schedule for the engine is being followed. Engine maintenance may include the application of quality lubricants like Shell lubricants, available in our Service Center.

Keep in Mind

Be keen on the hydraulic parts. Hydraulics is one of the heavily used mechanisms in a 10 wheeler dump truck along with the dump box which houses the cargo of the vehicle. The hydraulic mechanism lifts and lowers the bed. 

The piston pumps and motors of the hydraulics and even the hinges of the tailgate should be checked and well-lubricated. Lubrication should be carried out at least every 60 days, but the maintenance schedule should still depend on the frequency of use.

In some situations, when the hydraulics are poorly maintained, the dump box gets stuck high up in the air. If ever this happens, one should find the coils of the pump. Loosening the nuts of each coil and switching them would lower the dump box. This is not a permanent fix though. Doing this would only allow one to safely bring the truck to a service center where they will fix it for real. 

Apply pressure wash when cleaning. A 10 wheeler dump truck is usually employed to carry earth and garbage. Gunk may form on the dump box surface after frequent use, so it is advisable to use a pressure washer in cleaning it. When this gunk gets stuck in the dump box for too long, it may chip the paint away, exposing the metal beneath and eventually cause rusting, weakening the bed. The pressure wash should be able to wash out the dust, mud, and even hardened concrete that present in dump trucks’ working environments. 

Mind the payload of the truck. The 10 wheeler dump truck seems like a vehicle that could withstand heavy cargo. Overloading would seem fine for a vehicle of such a caliber and one may be driven to do so to cut down the number of trips because of pressure from clients or deadlines. However, one should always mind the payload of the truck to prolong its service life. The truck should only be loaded with the amount as recommended by the manufacturer as the load also affect the truck’s maneuverability. 

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