Two Crystal Enterprises is on a mission to provide systematic, timely, strategic and reliable trucking services in the Philippines. Since their incorporation in 2018, Two Crystal Enterprises has grown its fleet to better serve businesses with more transport routes. Throughout their journey, Two Crystal Enterprises partnered closely with Autokid Truck Solutions for their trucks and truck repair services.

To commemorate Two Crystal Enterprises’ 20th brand new truck purchase from Autokid, Autokid awarded Two Crytal Enterprises with a free Dongfeng Captain-C FB Van to help grow their business.

“Because of Autokid’s help in managing my fleet, I was free to focus on what I am good at, which is to find customs brokers, build a team of dispatchers to provide the best customer service, and train drivers and helpers for defensive and safe driving. Through this setup, I was able to grow my business to operate 20 trucks in only 15 months time,” said Alvin Liu, President of Two Crystal Enterprises.



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