In the male-dominated industry that Autokid serves, there are leaders who break barriers and shatter stereotypes. We at Autokid are not only known for our reliable vehicle solutions, but also for fostering a work environment that empowers its employees. Today, we shine a light on two of Autokid’s amazing mom-managers, Ma’am Star and Ma’am Kath, who inspire us with their strength, leadership, and dedication to both their careers and families.


Their stories shed a light to all aspiring leaders and working moms alike, proving that with dedication and determination, they can enjoy the best of both worlds.



Ma’am Star: A Teacher Turned Leader, leading with purpose

From her family to her career journey, Ma’am Star, Area Head of Autokid’s North Luzon, has been a testament to the power of influence and inspiration. As the eldest of seven children, she learned the value of responsibility and negotiation early on. 

“Growing up in a household where my father, a principled and God-fearing soldier, and my mother, an entrepreneurial and values-driven woman, instilled in me a sense of responsibility, negotiation skills, and good public relations. Their influence shaped me into a strong, yet compassionate individual, leading me to pursue a career in the automotive industry,” Ma’am Star shared.


Guided by her father’s principles and her mother’s entrepreneurial spirit, one pivotal moment in Ma’am Star’s career was the decision to transition from teaching to a sales role. Despite the challenges, she embraced the opportunity to share her knowledge and skills in a new capacity.

“I decided to pursue my expertise in sales while still maintaining my passion for teaching by leading and guiding a team. As a manager, I have been able to train and mentor future leaders, sharing my knowledge and skills to the best of my ability,” she added.


Ma’am Kath: A Nurturing Leader, leading with empathy

For Ma’am Kath, head of Autokid’s Accounting department, leadership knows no gender. With a perspective shaped by the belief in the complementarity of men and women in the workplace, she brings a refreshing outlook to the table. 

“Men and women might have different skill sets and capabilities, but they are complementing each other—it’s like men seeing the big picture and women seeing the small details,” Ma’am Kath shared.


She believes in leading with empathy and support to helping her team reach their full potential, thus maximizing their efficiency and productivity.

“For me, leading a team is knowing each of their strengths and weaknesses—tapping areas where they need growth, and giving them opportunities where they can step up and expand their expertise,” she added. 



Let’s admit it. It’s hard to find that so-called “work life balance” when both worlds demand a lot from you. As a mother of four, Ma’am Kath understands the delicate balance between work and family life. 

“Honestly, balancing time between being an employee and a mom can be quite tough, since both my family and work are my top priority. It’s hard to leave your kids at home when you have to go to work, but it’s also hard to leave the office when you’re not yet done with the job,” she shares.


As for Ma’am Star, a role in sales that centers around being in touch with clients and customers can make a balanced life hard to maintain. 

“Maintaining a balanced life can be challenging, especially in a sales role where clients may contact you on late nights and weekends,” she shares.


Luckily, these two super mom-managers have some tips up their sleeves on how to be present and productive in both demanding yet rewarding worlds.



For Ma’am Star, having a supportive partner, pursuing personal interests, and simple daily acts of kindness to your family, all serve as essential elements to balance and enjoy all aspects of her life, not just her work.

“I believe that having an understanding partner is essential for a happy and balanced life. Being with the right person can help guide you in making the correct decisions and prioritizing your well-being amidst the demands of your career. Despite my busy schedule, I always ensure to express my love to my partner daily, with hugs and kisses upon returning home, which helps me stay energized and focused,” she shared.

She also shares her personal interests that include outreach programs, cultivating a herbal garden, enjoying stress-relieving TikTok dances, videoke, and prioritizing sundays as family days.


As for Ma’am Kath, managing her time efficiently helped her get through not just juggling tasks between work and home, but also prioritizing her own health and wellness as well.

“At work, I set time to keep me focused on each task. Jotting down notes and list of things to do in my planner also kept my schedule organized. When I get home after a long day, spending time with my family is what I love most—playing with my kids and watching TV shows with them, but now that I am getting older, I might squeeze in some workout routines on the weekends to keep my body fit and healthy. That way, I can keep up with their high energy,” she shares.

Through efficient time management and a commitment to self-care, she navigates the delicate balance between professional success and personal fulfillment.


Reflecting on their journeys, both Ma’am Star and Ma’am Kath share valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs of being mom-managers. From the importance of support systems to the necessity of self-care, their stories resonate with authenticity and resilience. 

This mother’s day celebration, we are reminded of the power of a mother’s perseverance and passion. Both Ma’am Star and Ma’am Kath excel in their leadership roles at Autokid while nurturing their families. Their stories inspire women in the automotive industry to reach for leadership positions and demonstrate that achieving a healthy work-life balance is possible. 

At Autokid, we celebrate these amazing women and all the incredible working moms out there.