Autokid Night of HeroesAutokid Truck Solutions turned 6 last October 22, 2017. To celebrate this, Autokid hosted a thanksgiving anniversary party called, Autokid: A Night of Heroes. This was held at Prosperity Hall at Eton Centris last November 27, 2017. Guests came to the event dressed as either Superheroes (as seen in local or international comic books, TV, Movies and other traditional media) or Everyday Heroes (personal and everyday people we see in real life that have made a difference in our lives).

Everyone involved in Autokid’s success came to the event. From the investors who believed in the owners, to the 200+ employees that have worked hard to take Autokid to where it is today. Games, food and heroes filled the venue that night. It was one of the many ways the company has expressed their thanks to everyone involved.

Autokid Night of HeroesAs Autokid embarks on its 6th year, it was in perfect timing for Autokid’s leadership team (CEO Kevin McHale Yao, President Marvin Tiu Lim and Vice President Eric Darryl Lim) to thank everyone and address them on Autokid’s new direction. A unified Mission and Vision was unveiled: “To always empower enterprises to achieve greater heights by discovering, developing and delivering effective, efficient and economic truck solutions.” The emphasis on empowering enterprises positions Autokid as a hero to its clients. Guiding them and giving businesses the means to achieve business excellence.

The event closes by communicating that we can all be heroes in our own right. Whether you were the Avengers or Autokid employees, we all can make a difference in our community when we serve. We are all heroes.

For Autokid Truck Solutions, they’re committing to be a hero to their clients. To learn more about how they’ll do that, sign up to our newsletter to get updated on our upcoming truck guides, events and promos. It’ll be super!

Autokid Night of Heroes