Truck refrigeration systems in the Philippines are not created equal. In a tropical country like ours, businesses need quality refrigeration systems to preserve the quality of their heat-sensitive goods. Coolaire Consolidated, Inc. the market leader in temperature control products in the Philippines, with its constant drive for product excellence and dedicated customer service, has partnered with Autokid Trucks Solutions to provide a wide range of equipment suitable for all major aspects of the cold chain truck market.

Autokid Truck Solutions, a direct importer of Brand New and Japan-Surplus trucks in the Philippines, is finding new ways to deliver effective, efficient and economic truck solutions to its customers by partnering with the best in refrigerated truck body providers.

With Autokid’s holistic offering of trucks and truck repair services, they aim to spearhead the trucking industry by catering to the varying needs of business owners in the Philippines.

Expect cooler offerings from Autokid in the coming months. To know about Autokid’s current products and services, visit or call us at 0917-653-0000.