QUEZON CITY—Autokid Subic Trading Corporation (ASTC) is now officially ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certified as DQS Certification Philippines Inc. awards them the certificate on February 19 in an online ceremony via Zoom. 

Autokid leaders Kevin McHale Yao, Marvin Tiu Lim, and Eric Lim were present in the ceremony to receive the IQNet-recognized certificate for the company. 

Autokid’s ISO certification, of which the deliberations started in December last year, is considered a feat and proof of the company’s commitment to quality management amidst the challenges brought by the ongoing pandemic. 

The ISO certification awarding is done online to ensure that physical distancing and quarantine rules are followed.

Autokid is now officially ISO-certified as DQS Philippines awards them the certificate on February 19 in an online ceremony via Zoom. 

Screen grab: The online ceremony attended by key people from Autokid and DQS Certification Philippines was held via Zoom to ensure that physical distancing and quarantine rules are followed.

‘Our goal is to continue giving the best service to our customers and to our suppliers,’ Autokid Chief Executive Officer Kevin McHale Yao says. ‘Since ISO is internationally acknowledged,’ he adds. ‘[W]e can now say that Autokid’s standards are now world-class. It shows how we value the quality and efficiency of our products and services.’ 

‘Through this,’ Yao says. ‘[W]e drive your business.’

‘My heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to you on your immense success,’ writes DQS Managing Director Romeo Zamora in a congratulatory letter to the ASTC. ‘[Autokid] is one of the most excellent examples of success.’ He also adds that ASTC will ‘set the trailblazer among the trucking industry.’ 

ASTC’s commitment to customer satisfaction amidst pandemic

The ISO certification is an advantage to Autokid as it implies that they meet all regulatory requirements for their management system. For customers, this will be an assurance to them that ASTC will uphold the highest quality standard and will aspire to improve their products and services even more even amidst the challenges brought by the ongoing pandemic.

‘The year 2020 not only changed the way we look at our lives,’ says Zamora in the same letter. ‘[It also changed] the way we do business. Things will never be the same again…’ 

The DQS Managing Director also adds that ‘Having a well-implemented quality management system can be an indispensable tool for organizations… [who are] go[ing] through… the COVID-19 crisis…’ as it ‘provides guidelines in creating the most efficient way to help a business create new opportunities and expand into new markets while removing unnecessary costs.’ 

Autokid Subic Trading Corporation is one of the country’s leading providers of truck units, parts, and services. They have multiple locations in major cities in the Philippines from Dagupan to Cagayan de Oro. 

DQS Certification Philippines Inc. is a leading certification body for management systems. DQS Holding is based in Frankfurt.