What are the benefits of operating Foton Trucks in the Philippines?

  1. Ease of use
  2. Better gas mileage
  3. Larger capacity
  4. Better engine and cab
  5. Many features

If you are in the transport or logistics business, operating your own trucks is a must. While it is possible to rent or outsource them, operating your own gives you better control over your assets and may even be cheaper in the long run.

Operating your own trucks can also improve your customer service by reducing the time required for deliveries. In order to deliver your products safely and within the allotted time, you need to have the right vehicles. Here are the benefits of operating trucks from Foton in the Philippines

Ease of Use


As a truck operator, you might have many different people in your employ. A truck that is easy to use can save you time, not just from drivers, but from everyone that needs to use the truck. Drivers that find the truck pleasant might shave off few precious minutes from their travel time. Cargo loaders and unloaders can also save time if they know how the mechanism of the truck works.

Howo trucks have an excellent transmission which can also benefit ease of use. Automatic or automated transmission is the choice for almost any application. Automatic transmission, besides being simple, can be attractive to drivers and can also be easy to maintain.

Better Gas Mileage

Foton trucks from the Philippines can achieve better fuel economy than some of their competitors. Their weight, aerodynamics, and efficient fuel system all contribute to saving you more fuel when you drive. Other companies sometimes use older, gas-guzzling engine models in their trucks which is not focused on fuel economy.

Inefficient gas mileage not only costs you more fuel but also damages the environment by releasing harmful gases due to incomplete combustion. With Philippine Howo trucks, you can be sure that you are only spending the right amount of fuel and the money you save from this can be used in other places like growing your business further.

Larger Capacity


An important part of owning and operating a truck is the ability to carry a large number of objects from one place to another. Philippine Howo trucks excel in this regard by having one of the largest capacity when it comes to loading for dump and cargo trucks and towing when it comes to trailers.

Foton trucks also have cabs that are spacious enough to keep drivers and passengers comfortable, especially during long-hauls. Trucks need to have efficiency in mind when it comes to capacity. Every journey costs money, and any amount you can save, no matter how little, goes a long way.

Better Engine and Cab


The engine perhaps is the most important part of a truck and the one you should look out for the most when looking to buy one. Foton trucks use a top-class Cummins engines. Its features include an excellent structure, low speed and high torque, high reliability, low failure rate, and high cost-performance.

The engine of Foton trucks uses advanced vermicular graphite cast irons which allows it to run for up to 1,000,000 kilometers without deforming. The main bearing and rod used in the engine allows high-precision positioning and makes the engine lighter by no longer needing a traditional crankcase.

The cab itself uses large-span leafless springs and four airbag cab air suspensions to keep the vehicle smooth and pleasant to drive. It also provides a world-class active and passive safety system that reduces impact and absorbs energy should the truck come into an accident.

Many Features


Foton trucks can also showcase a number of exciting and interesting features that put it above their competitors. These features include:

  • An all-body structure that can be designed and produced to the customer’s specifications
  • Uses high-strength steel
  • Capable hydraulic control systems
  • Excellent after-sales service
  • Technical support for all your questions
  • Quickly sourced spare parts
  • Different models suited for your needs
  • Convenient  locations and pull-out

Key Takeaway

Foton trucks are considered by some to be among the best. They offer excellent products made with the highest quality materials. If your in the market for brand new trucks, consider choosing Foton trucks from Autokid Truck Solutions. We provide brand new quality trucks under our Autokid Premium Trucks line. Choose from our collection of Foton trucks and enjoy the best-conditioned trucks for your business needs.  Learn more today by visiting this link.