BOOM TRUCKS are useful pieces of heavy equipment for temporary jobs that involve height. Cranes are ideal if lifting materials will play a huge role in the whole duration of the construction project, but employing them can be a hassle if you only need a one-time lifting job considering the amount of labor you have to invest just to erect them. On the other hand, boom trucks are mobile and flexible, allowing you to do a quick lifting job that you only needed to do one time and they can be easily cleared from the job site. 

Telescopic vs. Articulating 

Speaking of which, boom trucks are classified into two categories based on their flexibility: The articulating and the telescopic.

What’s an articulating boom truck?

Did you know that boom trucks are not only employed in construction but in entertainment as well? Find out how.

An articulating boom truck from XCMG

An articulated boom truck has a segmented boom that can hinge at various angles, allowing it to be flexible. This type of boom truck is ideal to use in close or narrow spaces because it can move over and around obstacles. 

What’s a telescopic boom truck?

Did you know that boom trucks are not only employed in construction but in entertainment as well? Find out how.

A telescopic boom truck from XCMG

A telescopic boom truck, on the other hand, has a straight boom. It appeals to operators as these boom trucks provide greater extension than articulated units. They are commonly used in open spaces such as construction sites. 

Boom Truck Work Applications

Due to their flexibility and versatility, boom trucks, both articulating and telescopic, have applications in a wide range of jobs such as the following:  

  • Construction is probably the most common application for boom trucks. They have various uses inside the job site including lifting personnel to hauling heavy materials. 
  • Repairs and Maintenance. Boom trucks are also used in repairing and maintaining materials and equipment in elevated areas. They are used in cleaning building windows in higher stories and even repairing rides in amusement parks. Boom trucks are also employed by electric companies to repair wirings in electric posts. They are also employed in safety inspections in elevations. 
  • Warehousing. Boom trucks have also been used indoors with wide spaces, specifically warehouses. Booms are useful in retrieving and stacking materials in hard-to-reach places in the warehouse. Forklifts usually do the job of elevating materials, but booms are employed when the shelf is too high for the former to reach. 
  • Tree Care Work is another job application for boom trucks. Every time a strong storm is on the way, various local government units are employing boom trucks to trim some branches from trees to prevent them from being torn down and causing damage to property. 
  • Entertainment. Boom trucks have also seen an application in entertainment, particularly articulated boom trucks. Their articulating segments allow designers to have flexibility in arranging stage lighting and other setups. They are also used by camera operators as the equipment could provide them various angles to shoot from. 

Quality Articulating and Telescopic Boom Truck Add-ons from XCMG

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