So you’re thinking about using a truck for your business. One of the most common questions you should ask is whether they should lease or buy a truck. The answer depends on your situation; but for a growing business, here are 3 the reasons to buy your own truck.

1. You Can Rely on it Consistently

As your business grows, not only should you have equipment that you can trust, but also equipment that’s always accessible. Big orders don’t come when you expect it to and it’s a hassle when have to rush and coordinate a truck lease. You’ll feel great knowing that you have the means of delivering on your promises; and that starts with having a capable truck on-hand.

If you’re sure that you’ll only need a truck in rare, seasonal periods, then leasing is for you. But if your business is growing and you need a more reliable and consistent way to move your assets, then buying a truck is a must.

2. You Can Write Them off as an Expense for Tax Purposes

This one is not as obvious but is a really good benefit when you consider that trucks are a big investment for your company’s future. With the value it provides, it makes sense that you should find ways to minimize the costs for your business. Now is a really good time to buy as you can still include them in tax filing, plus you can use them right away to deliver your goods during the Christmas rush. It’s a win-win for the win-ter season!

3. You Don’t Have to Buy Them Brand New

Not all of us can invest in a shiny new truck, but with enough searching on OLX, referrals from your friends and family, you’ll be able to find surplus trucks, sourced locally or abroad, that fits your business needs at a reasonable quality and price. Surplus trucks come in a variety of conditions from ready-to-go trucks to “As Is” trucks, where expert buyers take a semi-working trucks and fix it themselves to save on costs. Whichever you choose, it’s best to talk to a specialized truck professional to get the proper information and value for your investment.

And there you have it, three compelling reasons to buy a truck for your business. Whether it’s a bringing materials to your construction site with a dump truck, delivering frozen goods to your shop with a reefer van or even bringing heavy equipment with a wing-van, know that you’ll need great equipment to grow your business. Here at Autokid Truck Solutions, we have a wide selection of trucks related solutions to provide your business. To learn more, visit our offerings at

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