What sets the Euro IV trucks apart?

  1. Powerful yet eco-friendly
  2. Software Integration
  3. Driver Monitoring


It’s been a few years since the regulations that standardized Euro IV engines for all vehicles was implemented in the Philippines. Foton and other truck brands have quickly abided to the ruling and have already phased out the trucks they had that are equipped with previous versions of the engine. By now, most, if not all trucks for sale in the Philippines should already have a Euro IV engine installed!

With that said, is it really that important to switch to the Euro IV engines? In reality, they’re still engines that are used to power up vehicles for their everyday tasks. However, a Euro IV truck is not just any other truck. Just like their engines, Euro IV trucks have all been improved to a certain extent.

They now provide more than what any of their predecessors did thanks to a change in engine makeup and a few customizations that recent technological advancements have allowed. Take a look at what exactly sets the Euro IV trucks apart from the rest of the trucks in the market!


Powerful and Eco-Friendly

The Euro IV engine is designed to be way eco-friendlier compared to previous versions. It has received multiple upgrades that made it possible to both increase the power that a truck has and reduce the pollution that it creates. Listed below are the notable effects of having a Euro IV engine:

Cleaner emissions. Euro IV commonly refers to European standards which dictate acceptable levels of vehicle emissions. The allowable levels have slowly gotten lower throughout the years because of more environment-friendly advances in technology.

Euro IV engines have an improved catalytic converter that is able to filter out atmospheric contaminants more effectively.

Better fuel compatibility. Most, if not all the fuel available in the country is Euro IV compliant. This means that they’re perfect for the Euro IV engines since they are made to maximize their usage. Because of this, emissions will be cleaner and mileage will be higher as well!

Longer Lives. Thanks to the many upgrades that Euro IV engines got, they are much better at filtering out harmful substances. This leads to lesser contaminants in the engine and a greatly reduced risk of internal damage!


Software Integration

Software Integration

Some of the more advanced Euro IV engines are computerized and even come equipped with software of their own. This software keeps track of everything that happens concerning the engine. It stores data about all sorts of measurements and analyzes them to collect various information such as fuel economy, average speed records, and filtration levels.

It can also take note of other important data regarding the engines such as the status of the engine’s ignition system and cooling system, along with the overall effectiveness of its filtration system!

Thanks to this technology, the truck driver and the truck operator both have access to data that is otherwise relatively hard to measure. This can help in the research of newer and better ways to improve the engine and the truck itself! The introduction of this software is also helpful in making sure that a truck is always at its peak condition. This is because more statistics and warnings would probably be provided alongside the new numeric. It can be complicated at first, but technology always has its ways of making things easier for anyone that drives the new Euro IV trucks!


Driver Monitoring

Driver Monitoring

With the introduction of software that is hardwired to the engine, it’s easier to identify and keep track of multiple data regarding the driver as well. That include their driving behavior, patterns in acceleration, braking and idle times, and the overall feel of how they handle the truck!

It can serve as a guide for truck drivers, especially the new ones to learn about their driving style and quickly change some rather unacceptable habits. It also serves as a reminder that you have to be careful while driving since your actions are all being monitored.

On the side of the truck operators, it can be used to monitor how their drivers handle the trucks. If they see any sort of problem or inconsistencies, they can easily call the drivers out and correct their actions. This can lead to saving time, fuel, and money on repairs!


Key Takeaway

The Euro IV engine is not just a new engine with the same functionalities. It was designed specifically to reduce harmful emissions while increasing the power of the vehicles. It is also equipped with rather amazing software that keeps track of almost everything that you need to make sure that your truck and the driver is safe and secure.

The next time you see a truck in the Philippines, Foton or otherwise, be reminded that the truck is a work of ingenuity. Chances are, there’s amazing technology inside every truck for sale in the Philippines!