What will you experience when you don’t maintain your Euro IV engine

  1. Decreased functionality
  2. Difficult time finding maintenance and repairs
  3. A host of truck engine problems


Euro IV is the new emission standard here in the Philippines. Foton, Isuzu, and other reliable brands of trucks need to be equipped with the new Euro IV engines in order to abide by the new rules and regulations.

The Euro IV standard, along with its advanced iterations, is focused on cleaning up emissions from diesel vehicles and reduce particulate matter and oxides of nitrogen. In essence, it helps ensure that vehicles produce the least amount of pollution as possible, preventing further damage to the environment.

Truck drivers should equip their trucks with new Euro IV compliant engines — or better yet, buy a truck that’s equipped with one. However, bear in mind that you also have to ensure the reliability of your truck dealer.

The Euro IV engine is way more advanced when compared to its predecessors. It’s very durable and provides significant advantages in terms of ecological preservation as well as driver wellness.

Euro IV engines are designed to reduce emissions to a level that is acceptable. With all that it brings to vehicles, it is very important to keep it at peak condition to ensure all of its functionalities will work as intended. What then happens if a Euro IV engine and truck is not maintained properly? Here are the consequences:


Decreased Functionality

Even with all the benefits that come with using a Euro IV engine, it’s still, in essence, a machine that is vulnerable to many external factors. Yes, Euro IV engines are equipped with more advanced filtration systems and the fuels used today are completely compliant with their systems. However, that doesn’t mean they are free from any kind of complications and issues.

Euro IV engines are designed to ensure a few things: cleaner emissions, better compatibility with fuel, longer lives, and newer technologies. In simpler terms, they improve the inner workings of the entire vehicle. In the case of trucks, they are designed to be able to handle the greater stresses that come with the tasks required of the automobile.

It’s only natural that when a Euro IV engine is not maintained, it will lead to a decrease in its overall performance. Its many beneficial features can deteriorate, particularly the filtration systems. An engine with an unmaintained filter can lead to major engine damage — something that you should never let happen!


Difficult Time Finding Repairs in a Pinch

Difficult Time Finding Repairs in a Pinch

The switch to the Euro IV standard is a recent occurrence in the Philippines. But because of this, its predecessors are slowly being phased out. While the distribution of automobiles equipped with it has gone smoothly, technicians and mechanics are still in a relatively tight spot when it comes to repairing them properly because the Euro IV engine is quite different from previous versions.

In fact, this should be a big part of what you consider when you buy new trucks with Euro IV engines. Always keep in mind that Euro IV is very different from Euro 2 or 3. You have to make sure that the place in which you bought that truck has the manpower and the technology to maintain and fix the engines! Otherwise, it will be very hard for you to look for a mechanic that is well versed in fixing these engines.

In case you failed to maintain your Euro IV engine powered truck, you should expect it to break down faster. And when that happens, you’ll have a difficult time finding people that can repair it. Keep in mind, however, not all truck dealers of Foton and Isuzu in the Philippines are equipped with sufficient knowledge about it yet.

Make sure that truck dealer or supplier is knowledgeable about the Euro IV engine before you continue with your transactions!


A Host of Truck Engine Problems

A Host of Truck Engine Problems

No matter how advanced your vehicle’s engine is, if it’s not properly maintained, then it will eventually start showing signs of wear and tear that is outside of the expected progression of depreciation. Euro IV trucks are not exempted from engine issues such as overheating, unusual noises, and smoke coming out under the hood.

There are different causes for these, but all of them will result from things such as worn out engine parts, malfunctioning nozzles, incorrect procedures, and so on.

Keep in mind that Euro IV engines may be high-end, but they’re still prone to a few hiccups along the way, especially when you don’t maintain them properly.


Key Takeaway

You should always perform maintenance for your Euro IV engine. While it’s a more advanced form of the Euro 2 and 3 engines, it doesn’t mean it can function without any kind of regular maintenance or cleaning; no engine can.

The brand of trucks doesn’t necessarily matter that much, even if it’s Isuzu or Foton Philippines. A truck is only as effective as its driver. If they take care of the truck, then there won’t be too many issues. However, if the truck is left to endure wear, tear, and damage without any sort of maintenance or repairs, expect that the vehicle won’t last long performing the rigorous tasks required of them.

Don’t wait until your truck can no longer be maintained. Get them checked every once in a while to ensure they function to their maximum potential!