ACCORDING TO DATA from the Bureau of Fire Protection, there are a total of 114 recorded cases of fires caused by motor vehicles in 2019 in the Philippines. While this is a small number, you wouldn’t want to be among these cases. So, to get yourself better prepared, we are giving you these five causes of fires in trucks and other motor vehicles: 

1. Poor Maintenance

Failing to take care of your vehicle can make it more hospitable to conditions that could lead to fires. A neglected gasket that can cause leaks of flammable fluids and faulty electrical wirings are just some of the scenarios that a poorly maintained truck can make possible. 

2. Overheating Catalytic Converter

Overheating catalytic converters are especially dangerous as this component runs almost the entire size of the vehicle. Cat converters are even more dangerous if your vehicle is not properly maintained. For instance, when your vehicle is not burning fuel properly, a lot of the stuff ends up in the exhaust system, where it could be combusted. 

3. Overheating Engine

The engine is where fuel and engine oil meet and, when it is overheated, it can and it will cause a fire. As mentioned above, you can prevent this from happening by properly maintaining your truck; take care of your truck and it will take care of you. 

4. Oil Spills and Leaks

A lot of gaskets lose their elasticity over time mainly due to the heat that your truck produces. If they are left unchecked, they may and they will cause oil spills and oil leaks that may catch fire as these components are flammable.  

5. Electrical Failures

Electrical system failures are the cause of many building fires and the same is true with vehicle fires as well. Trucks use electricity not only with ignition and lights but with other moving parts as well such as dump boxes and truck-mounted cranes. Electric wirings run the whole length of the vehicles and these must be regularly maintained to prevent disaster. 



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