Technology Leading into the Future

Through incredible integration with the leading automotive resources in the world with the goal of green, efficient and safe transport systems around the world, Foton created the Auman EST to spearhead efficient and eco-friendly commercial truck solutions for businesses around the world. With the combined efforts of US, Germany and China, the Auman EST is really a super truck for your logistical aspirations.

Powerfully Silent

Featuring a fully electronic air suspension system, integrated automatic transmission, and other improvements from German experts, the Auman EST has a greatly reduced level of interior noise to improve driving comfort on the road.

Strong Statement

With the combination of an aerodynamic body and a stunning look, the Auman EST is ready to turn heads and deliver results!

Fuel Efficient Power

Our Cummins Euro 4 engines are made to significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Powerful Lights

These elegantly shaped lights are made to guide you in your long trips in the dark.

Optimized Style

The Auman EST’s body is designed for low drag and rolling resistance, optimising it for global standard of lowered fuel consumption.

Global Manufacturing Standard

It’s the culmination of our partnership with great international suppliers, global digital factories and strong adherence to testing & certification that has ensured the quality of our products. Please enjoy the wonders of this super truck with the rest of the world.

Ergonomic Design

Whether for driving, maintenance or rest. You can be sure that the Auman EST provides a user-friendly design, made to be convenient and practical for you.

Fuel Efficient Drive

Four out of five drivers see a visible change in their fuel consumption being decreased by 4~5%.

Quality You Can Trust

Foton is compliant with European heavy duty truck standards. More than 300 people are involved in Foton’s global research and development team. Years of hard work and a total of 274 million US dollars was invested in research and development. 13 patents were awarded.

Product Info

Foton EST 4X2 Tractor Head (400HP)


Price - -
Sku FOTON#0005 FOTON#0004
Make Foton Foton
Series - -
Year - 2018
Chassis - -
Engine CUMMINS ISGe4-400 ISGe4-430
Wheels 6 10
Studs - -
Condition Grade 5 5