What are the reasons why Foton Philippines is considered the best in the trucking business?

  1. World-renowned automotive leader
  2. Collaborative action with global brands
  3. Dedication to research and development
  4. Truck models packed with amazing features
  5. High-quality products for affordable prices


When you enter the trucking business, you’re going to have to choose among countless brands, makes, and models of vehicles. The abundance (or overabundance, for that matter) of choices, while ideal, can really make it hard for you to end up with the perfect commercial truck for your operations. If you’re torn between amazing brands and find it almost impossible to decide, we recommend going with one of the best in the business – Foton Philippines!

They have proven time and time again that they on equal terms with their competition by putting out nothing but the best products. At this point, no one has come close to what they have done, and they continue to shape the trucking industry in several parts of the world! Foton Philippines has been considered as one of the best in the Philippine trucking business. While some may contest this, we have listed specific reasons as to why this claim stands!


World-Renowned Automotive Leader

In the industry of commercial vehicles, Foton is ranked highly in terms of production and sales – and that’s on a global scale!

As for Foton Philippines, they’ve already received notable awards in the span that they’ve been in operation here. An example of this is their inclusion in the list of top ten performers in the automotive industry – an award given by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI).

Although it’s not advisable to put all your trust on a brand based solely on its credentials and longevity, it’s hard to deny that privilege to Foton because they’ve continuously and constantly proved their worth in the field.


Collaborative Action with Global Brands

Collaborative Action with Global Brands

Trucks from Foton Philippines are made through collaborative action; this means that Foton isn’t the only brand in on it. They also enlist the help of equally-notable and globally-recognized component brands to create the best commercial trucks for any business.

One of the most notable brands in their list of partners is Cummins, an American Fortune 500 corporation known for designing state-of-the-art engines. Every single one of Foton’s trucks is equipped with a legendary Cummins engine that is specifically made for power heavy-duty trucks.

Other brands they’ve collaborated with are Getrag, ZF, Aisn, BorgWarner, DANA, and Bosch. Each of these is in charge of specific components such as the transmission, axle, differential, and other electronic systems.


Dedication to Research and Development

The one thing that allows Foton to stay relevant is their absolute dedication to research and development. They have R&D facilities scattered across the world that were built to come up with the latest technologies and inventions.

Up to this day, they’ve put up nine of these facilities in Beijing, Germany, Japan, and Taiwan. Investing in this part of the business is a top priority for Foton Motors and is what allows them to develop products with cutting-edge technology.

To further prove this, Foton currently owns more than 600 patents, 9 invention patents, 400 utility model patents, and 262 appearance patents. Their dedication to improvement makes Foton all the more unique and respectable.


Truck Models Packed with Amazing Features

The time, effort, and resource that Foton puts into research and development are shown in the truck models that they release to the public. Every single one of these is packed with amazing features – some are shared with others, while others are specific to trucks from Foton Philippines.

Fuel efficient, eco-friendly, practically silent, fully customizable, ergonomic, aerodynamic, easy to handle – these are just some of the many features you can find in a single Foton truck. Let’s also not forget that their models are guaranteed to be packed with the latest technologies thanks to their research and development.

When you add up all these features, you end up with a commercial truck that is fully competitive.


High-Quality Products for Affordable Prices

High-Quality Products for Affordable Prices

After reading everything there is to know about Foton Philippines, it’s easy to think that their trucks are priced as if they were made from jewels and magic. In reality, their models are among the most affordable in the market.

They aren’t cheap — no commercial truck is. But they certainly aren’t out of reach. You can say that they’re placed somewhere in the middle in terms of price. In terms of quality, however, they’re placed ahead. In short, you’re paying mid-price for top-tier commercial trucks, and that’s a worthy investment.

Once you purchase a truck from Foton Philippines, you’re sure to get nothing but the best and that’s regardless of vehicle type and model.


Key Takeaway

The trucking business is a highly competitive industry, but you can separate yourself from the competition by partnering with one of the best brands in the country – Foton Philippines.

They’re a world-renowned automotive leader because of their collaboration with notable component brands and dedication to research and development. Both these things allow them to manufacture vehicles that are packed with amazing features for reasonable prices. You’re guaranteed to end up with the perfect commercial truck for your business if you choose to go with Foton Philippines!