HOWO dump truck units are some of the most reliable heavy-duty vehicles to come out of China. The truck’s manufacturer Sinotruk brought China’s first home-grown heavy-duty truck. By looking into it, we can learn a lot about the state of truck manufacturing from the East Asian country.

In 2018, there are over 27,000 Sinotruk trucks, including HOWO dump truck units, sold under auto financing. This increase in sales can only be explained by a jump in consumer trust in the brand as their build quality improves. This can also be true with other Chinese truck manufacturers such as Dongfeng which saw over 186,000 units of medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks sold in 2019. 

People who work in heavy industries such as mining and construction are aware of the essential role of the dump truck in a worksite. Dump trucks are meant to be tough as they are tasked to carry insane amounts of weight at their backs. They are versatile and are designed for rough working conditions. So, it is safe to assume that you can determine a lot about a truck manufacturer’s build quality by their dump truck units. 

Here are some qualities of HOWO dump truck units that tell us a lot about their build quality: 

It has more than half a century of heritage behind it

Heritage determines the wealth of a manufacturer’s experience in production, so it is also an important factor in looking into a product’s quality. 

HOWO, also known as Sinotruk, has been operating in the Philippines since 2011, but they are manufacturing trucks for more than half a century. The HOWO dump truck could trace its roots as far back as 1935. Around that time, they are known as Jinan Automobile Works. They produced China’s first heavy-duty truck in the 1960s when they created the Huanghe JN150. 

Heritage is certainly a factor that China and a HOWO dump truck can boast. 

It can withstand tough conditions

A HOWO dump truck is built to withstand tough working conditions as dump trucks should be. One of their models with the number ZZ3257N4147W can easily carry a weight as heavy as 30 tons. 

One of the reasons why their trucks are reliable and have good build quality is their partnership with European truck manufacturers Steyr, Volvo, and MAN. 

Other Chinese truck manufacturers such as Dongfeng also partnered with other international brands such as Cummins and Isuzu in developing their trucks. 

Chinese truck manufacturers are learning techniques from European manufacturing and applying them to their trucks, making high-quality machines, including the HOWO dump truck. 

They redesigned their trucks for the Philippine market

You can see how committed are manufacturers in servicing people if you see them taking the pains to reconfigure their products to serve a local market. 

One of the reasons why people should choose a HOWO dump truck for their worksite is that Sinotruk developed a Philippine configuration of their trucks, adapting the machines to the unique characteristics of the country’s working and economic conditions. They made Philippine configurations for their A7, T7, and C7 trucks and there are 4×2, 6×4, and 8×4 configurations. 

Quality products for a reasonable price point 

China has low manufacturing costs and it is one of the reasons why international brands such as Apple and Nike have set up their factories in the country. This also allows homegrown Chinese manufacturers to offer their products at competitive prices. 

Thanks to the low manufacturing costs, HOWO dump truck units are also sold at lower prices brand new compared to other international brands. It is also for this reason that the spare parts of HOWO dump truck units have lower prices as the spare parts offered by European and Japanese manufacturers are usually made in their own countries where manufacturing costs are higher. 

Despite the low price point, Chinese trucks, including HOWO dump truck units, have an incredible build quality that gives people the most out of their money. 

Dongfeng: the quality alternative to HOWO

HOWO has been a great brand with its good build quality and reasonable price point but it’s not mutually exclusive to them, as other brands from China like Dongfeng are world-renowned and quality alternatives to HOWO. Dongfeng dump trucks have seen wide application in many heavy-duty worksites around the country, especially in the mining scene (as this comparison video shows).

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