WHAT’S A WORSE driver’s nightmare than not being able to legally drive on the road? Because that is exactly what happens when you lose your driver’s license. You are basically stripped of the privilege to drive as driving without a license will get you fined plus you will get disqualified to drive a motor vehicle for a year from the date you pay your fine. 

So, if you lost your driver’s license and driving your vehicle plays a huge role in your everyday life, you need to get a replacement ASAP. 

Here’s a guide on how to get your driver’s license replaced if you lost it: 

What to do before going to the LTO office

Secure an affidavit of loss detailing the loss of your license from an attorney-at-law and have it notarized in a notary public office. 

Bring valid IDs with you. Make sure that the address in your valid ID is the same as what you have written on your affidavit of loss to avoid issues with your identification. 

Schedule an appointment for the Land Transportation Office Management System (LTMS) Portal online. Apply for a duplicate/replacement license and upload a scanned copy of the affidavit of loss to the website. You can download a copy of the driver’s license application form from LTO’s website and have it filled up. You will be requested to select your preferred LTO branch for the appointment. You may also opt to apply for a duplicate/replacement license and submit the affidavit of loss offline at any LTO office. 

If you’re all set, you can now go to the nearest LTO branch. Make sure you head to an LTO office, not a driver’s license renewal center. 

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What to do while in the LTO office 

Submit your forms, valid ID, and affidavit of loss once you get to the LTO office. You will then be asked to pay for the fees which include the Replacement Fee, Certification Fee, Clearance Fee, Duplicate Fee, and Computer Fee which will cost you around or less than 500 pesos. If you have to update the information on your license, though, you have to pay an additional 100-peso fee. Make sure to ask for an Official Receipt

If you’ve done all of these, you can now get your license within the day if you’re lucky. In some cases, though, the LTO office will ask you to pick up your license on another day. 

Special cases

If your license is due for renewal, you need to submit a medical examination certificate which is electronically transmitted. If it’s been years since you lost your license, you might opt to apply for a license renewal instead. 

If your license is delinquent—meaning, you have one or more serious traffic violations—you will be required to undergo additional examinations

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