What is the importance of trucking in these industries?

  1. Food industry
  2. Healthcare
  3. Fuel delivery


Companies and business need their goods to reach the hands of their customers in order for their business to run. Their shipment, whether international or domestic, will eventually rely on trucks in order to transport their products via land. All types of supplies will have to depend on the trucking industry to keep the market running. In the Philippines, Foton and other truck brands take on these tasks to make swift deliveries. Without trucks, or more specifically the trucking industry, not only will domestic and international shipping take a dive, but even the entire economy of a country as well.

To keep the economy going, we constantly need the aid of trucking companies in order for the manufacturing of goods, production of materials, and transportation of raw materials to continue. A sudden loss of shipment will put thousands of individuals out of work and stun the economy. Here are a few more sectors that heavily rely on the trucking industry.


Food Industry

Food Industry

The Philippine population spends an average of 419,600,000,000 pesos a month on groceries alone. If ever you’re wondering, these groceries reach the hands of the Filipino populace thanks to truck drivers.

The trucking industry is responsible for helping our local suppliers or markets deliver their goods and products to the shelves of stores and groceries and eventually to our cupboards. Those in the food business know the importance of trucking in order for their businesses to thrive. A delay in the movement of perishable items and food products would greatly affect small stores. It’s important that these trucks always make it in time.

That is also why the improvement of the roadworthiness of trucks must be highlighted. Many brand-new trucks such as Foton in the Philippines, can be equipped with a refrigerated cargo container in order to maintain the shelf life of some perishable goods. But these still need to be transported with haste, as most companies have delivery schedules to adhere to.




A halt in the trucking industry could impact the lives of hospital patients and healthcare providers in general. Clinics and hospitals need a constant supply of medicines, vaccines, and other medical supplies in order to properly care for and treat all their patients.

Most medical facilities carry a hefty amount of medical supplies that would usually last for weeks or months. However, they do not restock unless they have depleted their supplies. The relationship between the medical sector and the trucking industry need to be tight. The entire healthcare system set up will rely on the trucking industry to provide them with all the necessary supplies and equipment to provide for hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, and other facilities.


Fuel Delivery

Fuel Delivery

One of the most sought after resources in the world is fuel. The trucking industry is vital for the transportation of fuel. The delivery of gasoline and oil is essential for the economy of a nation.

A day without trucks will greatly decrease the availability of fuel which will lead to a devastating spike in fuel prices. Just two days without trucks would result in most gasoline stations to run out of fuel. Without any fuel, many individuals will not be able to get to work. Banks, markets, medical supplies will not be able to replenish their supplies. The delivery of general supplies and materials will cease, and delivery services will be halted.

Our world relies on the constant movement of fuel from sources to freights to gasoline stations. The world and its economy will be put to a standstill without access to fuel. The trucking industry helps ensure the delivery of fuel to efficiently meet the demands of commercial needs.


Key Takeaway

Trucking is an essential component of the economy. Many do not realize the critical role that the trucking industry plays in every society. Without the operation of trucks for the economy, it would be impossible to accomplish day to day tasks. Trucks deliver billions of pesos worth of commodities just this single country, let alone the world.

Without them, we would never be able to live the lives we do today. Many truck companies such as Foton Philippines are constantly developing new technologies in order to comply with industry standards and provide the best means of transporting products and supplies.

The global economy would never advance without the help of trucks and the whole industry of trucking. Trucks transport an average 70% of all domestic cargos which allows businesses to move products not only domestically but internationally.

If ever you notice a Foton truck in the Philippines carrying simple payloads or large freights along the highway, you can think about how much our country benefits from the drivers of those trucks. They are the unsung heroes of the nation’s economy. Without the trucking industry, the whole country would be in economic shambles.