Managing your expenses is one of the many tasks you’ll need to do to grow your business. If you’ve recently purchased your own truck, managing how much fuel your truck is using can mean big saving for you over time. Here are 3 easy steps to check your gas mileage.

1. Check Your Starting Mileage

Make Mileage MatterAssuming you have a full tank of gas, track initial mileage. Some cars vary but you’ll find the distance on your odometer. It’s a small rectangle with your distance on it. It’s located at the bottom part of your dashboard, usually under speedometer.

2. Drive Normally

Use your truck for your normal business tasks. Do this till your gas reaches a measurable amount (a quarter or half full).

3. Gas Up

Fill up your tank and record the amount of the gas needed to fill the tank. Record the distance traveled based from your initial odometer reading subtracted from your current odometer reading. Divide that distance traveled by the amount of gas used. Here’s a formula to help visualize the computation:

Check Your Truck's Gas Mileage

Assuming it took us 450 kilometers to get to half a tank and 60 liters to gas up to a full tank, our gas mileage would be as follows:

Check Your Truck's Gas Mileage

Why is this Important?

Your gas mileage can be improved. From engine maintenance to the way you drive can help lessen your gas consumption. With diligence and willpower, you can track your gas mileage and find ways to save more so that you can grow your business.

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