Most people see the dump truck as a vehicle that collects garbage, but it is more than that. It could transport earth and even small vehicles. The dump truck is designed to withstand rough roads and frequent abuse and manufacturers should keep these situations in mind when designing one. 

Just imagine how abused are dump truck units in the Philippines, given the road conditions in the country. Philippine roads are challenging even to drivers who are used to pothole-ridden avenues and dirt trails. Couple that with the terrible traffic congestion, great drivers are needed to traverse the snaking avenues. 

However, great driving skills could not be maximized if the machine is not capable. Truck drivers and operators should look for these points when choosing the right dump truck to drive around the Philippines:

Parts to check when buying a dump truck

Engine. The engine is probably the most important component of a dump truck. Drivers and operators should be able to make sure that the engine makes enough torque and horsepower to move not just the weight of the truck but also its massive load. 

Dump Box. The bed of a dump truck is also something to check out for when buying one especially if the buyer has a specific purpose in mind. For instance, operators who intend to use the truck to load as many as possible should choose a bed with higher walls. The thickness of the dump box should also be put in mind as it determines its durability and the weight of the load that it could handle. 

Dump Box lifter. The dump box lifter which is usually hydraulic is located either in the gap between the bed and the cabin of the dump truck or below the bed. The bed lifter should be powerful enough to lift the bed plus the extra load of its contents. 

Cabin. The cabin is another important point to check when buying a dump truck. It contains the controls of the truck and shields the driver. The controls should be intelligible and sensible. The cabin should also have amenities to serve the driver such as a space in the back seat for a quick rest to reduce fatigue and stress. 

Chassis. The chassis is the backbone of the dump truck; the truck holds on to its integrity. Checking the thickness and material of the chassis is important when buying a dump truck. 

Qualities to check when buying a dump truck

Reliability. No one wants to drive around a dump truck that one cannot trust. Truck drivers and operators should look for units that have reliable engine design and chassis integrity. 

Parts Availability. A dump truck with a simple design allows for easy repairs. The dump truck should be designed in a way that it could be repaired with basic knowledge as repair shops are not readily available everywhere. Easy and fast repairs allow goods to be delivered with less or no delay. 

Power. Drivers and operators should look for a dump truck that can traverse slopes as Philippine roads are full of them. Look for the unit that has enough horsepower and torque to lift not just its weight but also the weight of its load. 

Points to do when buying a dump truck

Consider price and financing. Price is probably the number one factor that comes up to one’s mind when buying a dump truck. Operators should consider their budget when choosing the right dump truck. They can consult people who are knowledgeable in the trade to choose the best unit that fits their budget. If one cannot afford a new unit, he or she can always acquire a well-maintained used dump truck for sale

Determine the purpose of the truck. Another point to consider when planning to buy a dump truck is realizing the purpose of the purchase or which task is the truck intended for. There are dump trucks out there that are specially designed to fit a specific purpose. 

Talk to knowledgeable people. There is no shame in admitting one’s limited knowledge of the dump truck and it is always advisable to ask the thoughts of someone knowledgeable on the subject. Ask someone about a unit’s maintenance and performance. Drivers and operators can also talk to the dealer to know more about a dump truck unit. 

Ensuring the quality of the dump truck that one acquires is important because these machines are usually meant for rugged conditions and metal-bending pressure. The unit should be able to withstand extreme conditions. 

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