The boom truck is a versatile construction tool that one can use to transport heavy materials around the site. It is one of the most recognizable trucks on a construction site as it is easily distinguishable by its telescopic boom, a mechanism that extends the boom like a telescope. 

Boom Truck vs. Crane. The boom truck and the crane both have arms that could lift heavy materials. They serve almost similar purposes but there are differences in their performance. The boom truck crane is more flexible as it could serve in places where a fixed crane is impossible to install. On the other hand, the crane is more stable as it is fixed and could be installed in high places. Thus, the fixed crane can lift heavier materials than the boom truck crane, although the latter could still do the job well. 

Parts of the Boom Truck. 

  • Boom. The boom is probably the main part of the boom truck, hence the name. It is a large steel arm that could lift heavy objects to heights that are inaccessible to other construction tools and machinery. 
  • Hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump of the boom truck gives power to the boom to lift heavy materials. It is the mechanism that extends and reduces the boom arm. 
  • Rotex gear. This part rotates the boom to allow the operator to move objects. The boom lifts the load, but the Rotex gear moves the load. 
  • Cabin. The cabin is where the boom truck is controlled. 
  • Outriggers. The outriggers, along with counterweights, keep the truck on the ground and help stabilize the boom truck to keep it from losing balance when lifting heavy loads. 

Uses of the Boom Truck. Again, the boom truck is a versatile machine and its role in the construction site or any other job site is essential. Here are some of the main uses of the boom truck: 

  • Boom truck as a crane. The boom truck is commonly used as a sort of flexible crane. It can lift and move heavy objects around a construction site. 
  • Boom truck as a flatbed. The boom truck is also a valuable tool because it could be used as a flatbed to transport heavy equipment around a working site. 

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