Japan – Surplus Isuzu dump truck units are high-quality and are sold for a low cost, making them perfect choices if you are planning to add vehicle resources for your business.

The Japanese motor vehicle manufacturer Isuzu remains on the top rank of truck sales in the Philippines for the 20th year. In 2019 alone, it was able to sell a total of 6,279 truck units. Isuzu’s reputation for reliability, parts availability, and durability are cited as reasons for its popularity. 

It is then safe to assume that the market is flooded with used Isuzu dump truck units, not to mention the surplus units from Japan arriving in our ports. You are then left with countless high-quality choices of dump trucks for sale at a low price. 

Read on to see more reasons why you should get a surplus Isuzu dump truck unit for your business.   

These trucks are manufactured to the highest quality standards

The thing is, Japan-surplus trucks are not imported to the Philippines because they declined in their performance and quality. These units are brought to our shores because it is expensive to dispose of trucks in Japan. Owners have to pay certain fees for removal services and other costs just to get rid of their trucks if they want to replace them. So, most Japanese people sell their almost-new vehicles at lower prices instead. 

A surplus Isuzu dump truck from Japan is no different. Any unit you come across probably still is in good running condition. 

Another reason why used and surplus Isuzu dump truck units are still good despite being pre-owned is because these vehicles are built to last. High build quality is not just something held on to by the manufacturers. Japan regulation practices also require the manufacturers to produce vehicles at the highest possible standards. 

They are more affordable

As was said above, it is expensive to dispose of trucks in Japan, so people opted to sell them for lower prices instead. Some even sell their almost-new vehicles for half the price of what they paid to buy them. For this reason, dealers of dump trucks for sale in the country can sell high-quality Japan-surplus trucks at incredibly low prices. 

So, a used Isuzu dump truck will get you the most out of relatively little money. 

They hold up to their value better than other trucks

Most surplus trucks from Japan that come to the Philippines are well-maintained. They may be sold at a low price but their quality has not declined. The same is true with surplus Isuzu dump truck units. Again, good build quality is also a reason why these vehicles could still hold up most of their value. 

Parts accessibility

Because of the long presence and abundance of Isuzu units and other Japanese vehicles in the country, spare parts are not hard to come by for an Isuzu dump truck. It is unlikely to break down easily, but if it does, you will not have a hard time finding spare parts. 

Get a used Isuzu dump truck from a trusted dealer

Buying a used vehicle can be concerning for people, especially those with little automotive knowledge. So, you should always acquire a used dump truck from a trusted dealer. Autokid Truck Solutions is a dealer you could trust. We house a wide selection of quality Japan-surplus trucks, including Isuzu dump truck units, at a low price.