What are things you should consider when renting a truck from Howo Philippines?

  1. Prepare a rental budget for the specific truck you’re going to rent
  2. Determine the purpose you’re using it for
  3. Lower Maintenance Costs
  4. Take good care of the rental vehicle

Finding the best truck rental here in the Philippines is hard work, not to mention if you’re planning to buy one of your own. Not only will you source for the performance of different brands but you have to survey if it will be a big help for your goal or it will be a hindrance. Take a rest from your truck searching mission and consider choosing Howo Philippines as your go-to truck to own! Its high quality, superior vehicle performance, and a highly innovative edge will make your investment worthwhile!

Heavy equipment vehicles like trucks should be handled properly since it can make or break your business. A rental would put you up for higher investment risks but purchasing a new vehicle is even better as it increases investment opportunities as time passes.

Still in doubt on buying a truck? Read on below to find out the things you need to consider before buying a truck from Howo in the Philippines:


Preparing a Specific Budget for the Truck You’re Going to Purchase

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If you’re planning on purchasing the vehicle, paying for it has a great benefit because you can either pay for it in whole or through the many installment options you can opt for. So, before you hand in that down payment, make sure that you are covered for the many months you’ll be using the truck.

This will save you the hassle of thinking too much when your bill arrives (if you do end up paying via installment). It pays to be prepared so if you already have a specific budget for the truck then, by all means, continue the deal. Always remember that the value of vehicles depreciates inevitably so you should pay only for the vehicle if you’re bent on keeping it for the long term.



Determine the Purpose You’re Going to Use it For

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To have a proper agreement with your dealer, be upfront about the purpose you’re going to use the trucks for. This will also help you to choose the maker and model of the truck you’re going to use depending on your needs, such as the following:

  • Business

Howo Philippines offer various equipment suitable for business purposes. They have cargo, tractor trucks and side loader trucks for freight services, dump trucks for sanitation purposes, refrigerator trucks for your restaurant or food business and even fuel tank trailers for those in the petroleum industry.

Purchasing of these kinds of equipment for business will give you the assurance that you will deliver quality service to your clients. Knowing your objective with the trucks is one step into acquiring it.


  • Construction

Although this could be a business also, construction is separated as a different category because of the work that the trucks are subjected to. There are also many different vehicles from Howo Philippines which will be a reliable helping hand in building structures.

The cement mixers and crane trucks as part of the Howo-A7 line are prime products used for construction sites.


Lower Maintenance Costs


Another notable advantage of purchasing a truck is lower maintenance costs.

As the truck shows signs of wear and tear, you shouldn’t have to worry too much since you can simply turn in your first rental and replace it with a new one under a new contract.

You can even choose to upgrade from your previous make and model to a new one which will be better than the prior model.

However, if you are using a truck from Howo Philippines, you won’t have to worry too much about this consideration because of their vehicles being durable and built for high-performance work.


Take Good Care of the Vehicle You Purchase

Of course, this is another thing that should be on anyone’s list of things to consider when it comes to purchasing a truck of their own. Since you’ve purchased a truck of your own, you’re going to want to take care of it for the times you’ll be spending with it, especially when it comes to being on the job or any other purpose in store for the truck. Either way, transportation wouldn’t be the same without proper care of these massive vehicles, especially a Philippine Howo truck.


Key Takeaway

These things to consider when purchasing a truck from Howo in the Philippines will be a great guide the next time you want to avail of their services again and you won’t be disappointed. Composed of comfortable, economic and safe parts, your next truck rental should just be a breeze with Howo Philippines.