THE PHILIPPINES IS a tropical country and, like many tropical countries, it is often visited by monsoon rains which bring flooding and destruction of property. 

Picture this: You’re driving a truck in the middle of a raging storm. As usual, you have a schedule you have to follow to deliver your goods on time. You’re all good until you stumble upon a flooded street. Some cars can cross the flood with no problem so you followed suit. You’re driving a truck with a decent amount of ground clearance and is equipped with a so-called snorkel or elevated air intake system, so you’re confident that your truck will be all fine. 

You did cross the flood with no problem. The engine is still running fine and all. Should you be worried though? 

If you care for the iron steed that you ride, yes. You have to check for these parts after driving your truck through a flood:


In most trucks, the engine is located below the cabin. When you drive one through a flood, the water will get into the engine first before the cabin, so you will think that the truck will be all good to drive into a flood. However, you have to observe how the engine behaves after doing so. If it feels jittery or you feel anything out of the ordinary, you gotta have the engine checked out. 

One way to spot water invasion of the engine is by observing the oil dipstick. If the fluid looks milky, the water probably made its way into the engine. That is bad news and you have to take your vehicle to the mechanic. 


Most brakes in trucks are on the same level as the wheel, so they are pretty much vulnerable when you drive through a flood. You should be testing your brakes after driving through a flood as they tend to lose their grip after getting soaked with water. One way of bringing back the grip of the brakes is by tapping the brake pedal a few times to activate them. 

Electric Wirings

Most modern vehicles are now equipped with wirings that are not easily penetrated by water and moisture but, as you know, water could get anywhere it could flow into. If you drive through a flood, you have to check out if some wirings become grounded. Usually, you will be able to spot these ground wirings if some electronics or light controls malfunction. If that’s the case you have to replace them to prevent any further damage or inconvenience. 

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