THE LOGISTICS TRUCKING services sector is still in its infancy in the Philippines compared to its stage in the country’s neighboring states such as Singapore and Malaysia. However, research conducted by the Lobien Realty Group projected that the local logistics industry is set to boom from a current PHP 9.70 billion market to PHP 1 trillion by 2023. 

This estimation had in mind the excellent performance of the e-commerce market in the country. It was estimated that the market is set to hit $3.540 million in 2020 and it is projected to reach $6.956 million by 2024. 

While the logistics trucking services in the Philippines is barely mature, it has the perfect conditions for growth and offers a handsome amount of opportunities for entrepreneurs to start their own business in the industry. 

No logistics trucking services company works well without good fleet management that is why it is important to consider these aspects in handling one: 

Type of goods to carry

The kind of goods that you picture your fleet carrying is a huge factor in designing and managing it. There are versatile trucks out there like dry vans which can be loaded with any type of dry goods. However, their versatility has limitations. For example, dry van trucks cannot be loaded with frozen goods that require cold chain transport. 

The volume of goods to carry

You should also consider how much cargo your logistics trucking services enterprise will be handling in managing and designing your fleet. Although overloading is an open secret and common practice in the industry, you might want to consider upgrading your light-duty dry van truck into a medium-duty one for the sake of safety. This is because overloading can affect the maneuverability of the truck.

Moreover, carrying a huge amount of cargo in a light-duty truck may look unprofessional, the same way carrying a small amount in a medium- or heavy-duty truck does. 

Just carrying the right amount of cargo that your truck can handle can make your business professional, safe, and even efficient. 

Type of roads to drive over

While highway systems in the country are getting more extensive, you cannot always expect a smooth and wide road in every turn you make. Some roads are well-maintained while others are neglected. 

Countryside roads are being paved but there are still a few dirt roads to stumble upon. For such roads, you might opt for something lighter and easy to maneuver and reserve the bigger trucks for the highways where the roads are in excellent condition. Your logistics trucking services might want to reserve the city driving for the light-duty dry van and give the freeway driving to the heavy-duty tractor head. 

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