So you’re planning on buying a truck for your business. Given that trucks are a big investment, it’s important to weigh your options on which truck can really give you the best results. Here are three solid options to consider.


Aluminum Van Truck

1. Aluminum Van

This truck is popular with many businesses for its compact size and load capacity. Its large spacious aluminum body allows you to bring your goods, parcels and supplies with ease. If you’re a logistics company, catering service, garments seller and alike, the Aluminum Van will suit your needs well.


Wing Van Truck

2. Wing-van

For wider cargo, Wing-vans are great option since both of the long sides of the container body can be opened. This allows you to load bigger and wider items that wouldn’t fit well on a conventional Aluminum Vans such as stage equipment, big cargo and large made-to-order products. Depending on what’s being transported, you can even use a forklift load and unload the cargo if they’re on pallets. You can watch this amusing clip of how that works here. For events companies, logistics companies, specialty shops and alike, this is a great option to have.


Refrigerated Van Truck

3. Refrigerated Vans

Commonly known as Reefer Vans in the Philippines, the Refrigerated Van are trucks that look similar to the Aluminum Van, but have built-in cooling system, similar to fridges or “refs”, to keep perishables items in good condition while in transit. If you’re considering this type of truck, it’s good to know how to maintain your vehicle for a long trip ahead. For businesses that transport frozen goods or items that need to be cool while in transit, this is a perfect truck for your needs.


And that’s three trucks that can help you maximize value. If you need help in finding one, we at Autokid Truck Solutions have a wide selection of trucks related solutions for your business. For more information on how you can grow your business with trucks, join our newsletter and be updated on all our truck guides and promos.


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