ACCORDING TO MORDOR Intelligence, the Philippine freight and logistics market was valued at USD 15.6 million last year and it is expected to grow and reach USD 23.7 Million by 2027. There’s no doubt that logistics and delivery is a pretty profitable business and a lot of business-minded people would enter the scene if they had the chance. 

So, you want to start a logistics or delivery business? There are three things you need to consider when building your fleet. Following these points will help you ensure that all the trips that your trucks will take will flow as smoothly as possible: 

Parts availability

One of the most important things you need to consider when choosing your logistics or delivery truck is how easy it is to come by its compatible parts. Driving a truck is scary if you know you cannot easily replace the parts when it breaks down. Trucks with hard-to-come-by parts will surely contribute to the length of your downtime. 

Make sure that your truck dealer will support you even after you have made the truck purchase. It is also important to make sure that your dealer has multiple branches with spare parts support to run into and help you wherever you go in the country. 


Reliability is also an important factor in choosing the right truck for your logistics or delivery business. You will be driving that truck for long distances, so you have to be pretty confident to drive it around time without worrying about it breaking down at any moment. Time is also an important factor when it comes to delivery and logistics, so you have to ensure that the truck is always in top condition or breakdowns and downtimes will lag you behind schedule. 

In the logistics or delivery business, the money comes in whenever the wheels of your truck keep rolling. Downtimes then mean loss of profit. According to SOTI, logistics and delivery companies lose an average of $448 to $760 USD per vehicle per day during downtime. 


Comfort is another important factor in choosing a truck for your fleet. It is important to keep your drivers as comfortable as possible in the truck as they will be inside it for most of their working hours. Discomfort during driving may also lead drivers to have shorter tempers that could lead to road rage. 

Looking for comfortable and reliable trucks with extensive spare parts support? 

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