Local business boom and terrible traffic congestion

Terrible traffic in Philippine cities is one of the biggest problems that local businesses are facing today. Transportation of goods with a delivery truck is a real pain for both drivers and operators of this type of vehicle.  

In 2019, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) reported that the number of registered enterprises in the Philippines hit 1.42 million, a jump from the 1.39 million recorded in 2018. This is great news for both the local job market and the whole economy, but this also means more vehicles on the road that delivers to and fro these businesses. The competition is not only on the business aspect but on the traffic side as well.  

The terrible traffic situation in Philippine cities is a problem not only for our local enterprises but for the whole economy as well. In 2018, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) reported that the country is losing PHP3.5 billion a day due to the awful traffic congestion in Metro Manila alone. JICA also predicted that, by 2035, the amount lost per day due to bad traffic will be PHP5.4 billion. 

There is probably a long-term solution to this traffic problem but it will probably take years before it could be implemented. So, all we have to do for now is do the adjustments ourselves. 

The Light-duty Delivery Truck: Best of two worlds

A small vehicle is ideal for getting through a bad traffic situation. But how will you be able to carry goods in a cost-efficient way when you drive a small vehicle? 

Moreover, to keep the driver from road rage, we have to keep him cool and comfortable in terrible traffic. But how will you make it comfortable to drive a work delivery truck? 

A light-duty delivery truck is a solution to these dilemmas. 


A light-duty delivery truck is spacious enough to carry multiple passengers and high amounts of cargo but is still nimble enough to squeeze through tight turns. 

For businesses that are dependent on delivery, light-duty delivery trucks are perfect as they are spacious enough to carry more loads in fewer trips but not too big that it is easy to manage in traffic. 

Car-like comfort

Driving a light-duty delivery truck usually feels more like an SUV than a work truck. Due to its size, it is relatively easier to maneuver. 

Most brand new units of light-duty delivery trucks also usually have the comforts that passenger cars have. These features include power window controls, digital dashboard elements, air conditioning, and even a smart key fob that allows contactless locking and unlocking.


Most light-duty delivery trucks can be equipped with various types of body applications. A dropside, aluminum van, FB van, and even a reefer van are just some of the body applications for a light-duty delivery truck. 

The dropside is usually used to carry around construction materials but it could carry a wide range of products because of its basic setup. 

The aluminum van is equipped in transporting dry goods and keeping them dry in the process. This body application is suitable for packages and any materials that involve paper. 

The FB van would make a perfect shuttle service for enterprises that need to transport manpower to a worksite. It could also serve as a delivery van for dry goods. 

The reefer van is probably the most specialized body application. It is designed to carry frozen goods or any products that need to be under a cold chain.

For businesses with a more specific need, they could always opt for a plain cab and chassis which is an open canvas for any type of body application. 

The right truck for every business

Autokid Truck Solutions is an exclusive authorized distributor of the Dongfeng Titan, a high-quality, light-duty delivery truck. It is available in dropside, aluminum van, FB van, and reefer van body applications which makes it perfect for every business. For as low as PHP 920,000, you can drive one out of the showroom today. If you want this delivery truck to add to your business resource portfolio, give us a call at +639176530000.