What are the things you should look for in a trucking company?

  1. A company that offers proper revenue sources.
  2. A company that provides transparency when it comes to the jobs given to you.
  3. A company that will allow you to come home during emergencies.
  4. A company that considers your future.
  5. A company that puts importance in your place in their organization.


Choosing the right trucking company to work for can make all the difference in the quality of your job, whether or not you are driving a truck from Howo in the Philippines. Once you have decided to work for yourself as an independent driver, choosing the right trucking partner is probably going to be the next step you have to make.

Today, trucking is one of the few industries where a few licensed professionals are the ones that are in control when it comes to the job opportunities they take. As a skilled truck driver, you can pick the trucking company you want to work with because your skills are in demand. Your choice of trucking company ultimately falls on which one meets your needs and expectations, not because they happen to give you a job in trucking.

What are your priorities when it comes to work or personal life? What kind of relationship do you want with your trucking company? What are the kinds of trucking jobs you are looking for? These are the questions you should consider when doing your research. There are a lot of good partners out there, so here are the things you should look for in a trucking company.

Offers Proper Revenue Sources

Offers Proper Revenue Sources

Before you choose the trucking company you want to work with, you should start by asking a few basic questions. What kind of freight are you most likely going to haul? Will the company pay a fair percentage for the types of loads you want to carry or the type of equipment you have? What are the available routes you can take in this company?

You should also take into consideration the bonuses the company is willing to give. Ask your potential trucking company if they offer cash bonuses for any milestones in your performance and safe driving. You should also look into the pay plan of your company while you are at it. Will they offer the option to pay you on the same day? Or do you have to wait for weeks or even months to get your salary?


Provides Transparency when it comes to the Jobs They Have

The best trucking companies today, aside from using brand new units like Howo trucks in the Philippines, support their drivers with state-of-the-art technology. These probably include mobile apps or websites for you to instantly access information from the company such as settlement statements, available loads, and more.

You are going to want to work for a company that can give you complete visibility into available loads through the use of an electronic load board and an unfettered access to freight information. You should also consider if they can help you establish your own personal relationships with agents all across the country before you choose a trucking company.

 Allows You to Come Home during Emergencies

Allows You to Come Home during Emergencies

You should ask yourself if the usual running habits at the trucking company you want to work with can fit your required amount of time at home. Will the company offer you local or regional lanes so you can be home on a regular basis? Will they have coast-to-coast routes if your lifestyle allows you to stay on the road for extended periods of time? Will they use a forced dispatch system?

You should want the ability to control your own schedule as well as the freedom to choose the loads you want to carry. You and your company need to have a plan should you or any other driver need to get home in the event of an emergency. Find out if the company has a “Take Me Home” option that notifies you as soon as a freight that can take you back where you need to becomes available on the load board.


Considers Your Prospective Future in the Company

The trucking business is notoriously seasonal. This can mean that some months might be slower than others. As an independent contractor, you should choose a trucking company that can help you keep a steady stream of jobs, even during the lean months.

Find a trucking company that has a long-standing customer relationship with businesses that have shipping needs all year round.

Puts Importance in Your Place in the Organization 

Puts Importance in Your Place in the Organization

The culture of the company you choose for is important, so find a trucking company that explains clearly their core values. A good trucking company should recognize and reward drivers that exceed their expectations. They should also be willing to make the investment in training and other benefits for their drivers.

You should want to work for a company that cares about you as a person and not just someone who drives a vehicle. They should also respect the diversity of their individual contributors. Above all, they should be doing their best to promote driver safety by encouraging a culture that puts the wellbeing of the driver.


Key Takeaway

As an independent truck driver, you are the key to a successful trucking operation. Because you are putting everything you have on the line to grow in this business, you should expect your company to do the same.

Choose a trucking company that is reliable with a good reputation and you can expect to drive to them for years to come.