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Are you ready for an incredible business opportunity that makes a real difference in the Philippines? Look no further than Autokid Truck Solutions – your gateway to success and driving positive change!

With a Php 8.0 million consignment program on units, we will transform you into a big truck retailer at a lesser cost.

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Empowering Entrepreneurs

Autokid empowers you to take charge of your success and run your own business. Be the driving force behind your dreams!

Wide Reach, Endless Potential

With a nationwide network of dealerships, seize countless opportunities to make a difference in various regions.

Quality Truck Solutions

Access a comprehensive range of top-quality trucks, genuine parts, and reliable aftersales services. We deliver excellence, always.

Fueling Progress

Autokid is fueled by passion and innovation, making a genuine impact on businesses and communities across the country.


Be part of an exciting journey with Autokid Dealerships! Drive change and witness your entrepreneurial aspirations soar to new heights.


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