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The Philippines is one of Japan’s biggest markets when it comes to surplus trucks. In fact, numerous Japanese truck companies have established surplus markets of recycled or used trucks from Japan by selling them to the rest of the world. One example of this is Isuzu trucks in the Philippines—it is a popular brand when it comes to buying surplus trucks in the country. Moreover, it also provides a quality that other manufacturers wouldn’t be able to come close to.

If you’re figuring out how you can grow your business through trucks and if you’re wondering if surplus trucks are the right fit for your business, then you’ll be glad to know that we listed down some few tips below to help you out. But before anything else, let’s go ahead and delve into the background of Isuzu trucks in the Philippines.

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A Brief Overview of Isuzu Trucks in the Philippines

It has been more than 80 years now since the very first Isuzu truck was released from the factory and onto the roads. This monumental event propelled Isuzu into rising as a highly reputable truck manufacturer on a global scale. Since conception, Isuzu trucks have evolved into a leading force for ingenuity that shaped the direction of worldwide automotive industries. Isuzu trucks in the Philippines and all across the world are manufactured with the best quality.

The first production of passenger cars in Japan dates back to the establishment of Tokyo Ihikawajima Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. in 1893. When 1916 (the foundation year of Isuzu) came in, the company branched out into car manufacturing. The 1922 Wosley A9 was the first passenger car that was produced in Japan. Two years later, the Wosley CP, which is the first 1.5-ton truck made in Japan, served as the official military vehicle in accordance with the Japanese government.

Isuzu trucks in the Philippines and around the world owe their outstanding quality to the humble origins of Isuzu automobiles. It was in 1933 that Ishikawa Automotive Works launched ISUZU—the standard Japanese car named after the Isuzu River.

Isuzu would later go on to revolutionize the trucking industry by debuting the Iconic N Series in 1959. Throughout the decades, these N Series Isuzu trucks would evolve into different variations. This truck became the no. 1 ranking world standard in lightweight trucks. The innovative diesel technology of Isuzu went hand in hand with the stylish functionality of the N Series truck.

The 6th generation N Series truck was introduced in 2006 with its most refined enhancements to date: convenient and reliable interiors, clean and powerful turbo diesel engine, smoother transmission, etc. The current N Series is a go-to vehicle for over 100 countries all over the world. In North America’s light-duty truck market, the Isuzu N Series remains to be one of the highest ranked in sales.

Stepping into an Isuzu truck is like stepping into a realm of brilliant invention and dynamic innovation. All Isuzu trucks in the Philippines come from a rich background of historical and cultural heritage. Isuzu is one of the global leaders in automotive industry and economic platform. They are continuing to grow in popularity all across the world. Isuzu has operations in over 22 countries and has an employee range of around 20,000 in Japan alone.

Isuzu continues to expand and build their success through devoting significant efforts to conducting extensive research. The heart of Isuzu has always been their tenacity for invention and new solutions. Besides the wonders of diesel fuel, Isuzu is responsible for astounding innovations such as the Easyshift features of manual transmission gearboxes. The technology, which has honed and advanced by Isuzu, moves the world forward in automotive progress.


The Size & Weight Capacity of Isuzu Trucks Available in the Philippines

In order for you to buy the right Isuzu surplus truck for your business, you need to know the size and weight capacity of the truck you’ll be needing. With the many terms and specs that truck brands have, it’s best to know what you’re really looking for before you look at all your options.  Here is a general overview of the most common classifications in size and weight capacity:

  • Light Duty Trucks / Isuzu Elf

If you’re planning on loading cargo under 2 tons, this is the size variant for you. Light Duty trucks are identified to be weighing around 14, 000 lbs. or 6,350 kg—somewhere in between a mini truck and medium truck. The Isuzu Elf is one of the more well-known trucks in this classification for its award-winning durability and flexibility; being available in several body configurations for maximizing efficiency and reliability in the industry it’s in.

  • Medium Duty Trucks / Isuzu Forward

If you plan to load cargo not exceeding 6.5 tons, the medium duty trucks are here for you. These trucks usually weigh around 14,001 – 26,000 lbs. or 6,351 – 11, 793 kg. They’re known as the Isuzu Forward line of trucks and are commended for their design, versatility, and dependable performance on the road.

  • Heavy Trucks / Isuzu Giga

For loads over 6.5 tons, you’ll need to go for heavy-duty trucks. Heavy-duty trucks weigh around 26,001 – 33,000 lbs. or 11,794 – 14,969 kg. Besides these, there are no heavier road trucks (except those that need a special permit).  The Isuzu Giga line of trucks is your choice for your heavy duty needs. With its increase in size comes with the benefit of larger spaces for additional payloads, as well as improved safety features and power.



The Different Types of Body for Isuzu Trucks in the Philippines

Another important factor in choosing an Isuzu truck in the Philippines is knowing what truck body you’ll need for your business. Truck bodies come in different shapes and sizes for any job that needs to be done. Regardless of the product line, you can identify a truck by its body configuration. You’ve seen them on the road hauling a variety of things for business all over the country. Here are the most common truck bodies on Philippine roads:

1. Aluminum Vans

This truck is popular with many businesses for its compact size and load capacity. Its large spacious aluminum body allows you to bring your goods, parcels, and supplies with ease. If you’re a logistics company, catering service, garments seller and alike, the Aluminum Van will suit your needs well.

2. Dump Trucks

Regardless of the load carried (supply or waste that needs to be transported), Isuzu dump trucks and mini dump trucks are versatile and reliable for jobs on both construction sites and private neighborhoods.

3. Drop Side

The trucks in this category are considered lightweight and have low height cassis, making it easy to load and unload cargo. The drop side models are capable of carrying loads such as damaged cars as well as mini diggers.

4. Wing Van

These trucks are ideal for massive amounts of cargo and can handle the stresses of extensive delivery jobs. Since both long sides of the body can be opened, wing vans are capable of loading longer and wider items that would not fit on a conventional truck.

5. Refrigerated

Refrigerated Vans are trucks that look similar to the Aluminium Van, but have a built-in cooling system, similar to fridges or “refs”, to keep perishables items in good condition while in transit. Isuzu’s refrigerated trucks are perfect for the food and beverage industry. This sector’s high transportation demand for trucks that can handle additional loads, maneuverability, an adaptive engine, and advanced gearboxes are met by the specialized standards of Isuzu’s different models.

6. Cab and Chassis

As the name implies, this type of truck body only features the cabin of the truck with the chassis rails for the rear. This allows the user of this truck to install any aftermarket equipment on the rear of the truck, allowing it to acquire any of the abovementioned body types as well as other body types for other purposes such as for firefighting, towing, and alike.



Industries That Utilize Isuzu Trucks in the Philippines

For general transportation, most of the trucks mentioned above will be suitable for your business. But depending on certain industries, there will be better trucks for the job.

  1. Building

For construction purposes, 4×2 trucks and above with rigid chassis are recommended. Depending on the amount of materials you’ll need to move, a Dump Truck or a Dropside will do the trick.

  1. Landscaping

For agricultural and mining purposes, 6×4 trucks and above that operate on off-road terrains. Are recommended.  Dump trucks are ideal here as they’re rugged enough for the terrain and large enough to carry as much stone, minerals and alike from the landscaping site.

  1. Recovery

These types of Isuzu trucks are vehicles that are often used for in emergency damaged car transportation. A Dump truck or Cab & Chassis configured with a towing body are ideal for this scenario.


Tips for Maintaining an Isuzu Truck Surplus

This goes without saying but maintaining a truck is vital to ensure it remains at the top of its game—it doesn’t matter whether it is a brand new or a surplus truck.

Listed below are some of the best tips to follow when it comes to truck maintenance.

  1. Don’t Miss an Oil Change

One of the most common issues why trucks don’t last is because their owners often forego changing the oil at the right time. Keep in mind that there is a certain mileage when you should change your truck’s oil. For instance, some trucks should undergo an oil change every 7,500 miles. In order to know yours, be sure to check with your manufacturer or truck dealer.

  1. Take Care of the Tires

The best thing you could do to take care of your tires is to always make sure they are balanced and rotated. By doing so, you are equally distributing the weight of your entire truck around its axle.

  1. Check the Lights

Checking your lights might be a minimal task that you can easily overlook, but try hard not to do so because a dim light could also mean that there is an electrical problem that your truck is experiencing.

  1. Examine If Your Fluids are Up

Engine oil and engine coolant are the top 2 fluids you should check in your truck. Once you believe the engine oil is starting to smell like gasoline, change it. You may also refill your coolant if you see it nearing a low level.

  1. Schedule Your Truck for Inspections

Lastly, don’t forget to have a fixed scheduled of truck inspection. For sure, this will prevent problems from arising by pointing it out while it is still a minor one. This will also ensure that your business will run as smoothly as possible.


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