Trucks to Drive Your Business: Foton Philippines

Trucks to Drive Your Business: Foton Philippines

Transportation has been, and still is, one of the most important things to ever come into existence in modern society.  Not only can it help you get from one place to another, but it can also help you carry heavy loads for your business. With that said, trucks from different companies have continued to bring numerous benefits for their users—and when it comes to the best trucks to use for any project in the Philippines, Foton trucks are guaranteed to be nothing but the finest!

Foton believes that technology is the soul of the automobile. Foton leads China’s auto-industry and raises the global standard through global R&D, lean manufacturing principles, and high-value products. Foton strives on creating excellent products and a better way of life for its customers.

Foton has also continuously provided different dealers with a wide array of vehicles, most especially the numerous trucks under their arsenal. Whether it be for light or heavy-duty purposes, Foton trucks are certainly going to make their mark in the Philippine transportation industry! There are definitely tons of things you can do with a large truck. But before diving into that discussion, it’s essential to learn first why trucks, cargo, and businesses work well with one another.

Trucks, Cargo, and Your Business

Trucks Cargo Your Business

Since the introduction of industrialization, construction activities have boomed in modern society, continually providing convenience and innovation to countries around the world. With the boom in construction came the need for effective, efficient and economic transportation of construction-related cargo. Commercial trucks provided such solution.

Today, the value of commercial trucks has never been overlooked, especially with the rise in real estate, engineering, and business industries requiring their services. If you’re considering using commercial trucks in the Philippines, it’s important to know the varying types. See some of them below.

Tractor Head. This is actually one of the most common types of trucks found on the road. These types of trucks are responsible for hauling various equipment and dry goods across long distances. In fact, when it comes to transporting cargo with a trailer, using this type of truck is your main choice.

Dump Trucks. When it comes to working in a construction site, you’re going to need something to help you carry the heavy load on an orderly basis—thankfully, dump trucks are the best bet for you!

Dump trucks are most commonly seen and used in various construction sites for the number of jobs that they do! Most of the time, they are confused as garbage trucks, however, these trucks are responsible for transporting (construction) materials from one location to another. As you can see, it has an important role to play in a building site—how else will the people there transport heavy-set equipment from point A to point B? In the Philippines, you’ll see a lot of them on the roads, especially ones from Howo Philippines.

Cement Trucks. Of course, these kinds of trucks are responsible for hauling the very thing it’s meant to carry: cement. With a built-in cement-mixer on its back, these trucks ensure that their cargo is ready for the project up ahead. When it comes to these kinds of trucks, availing them is also just as hassle-free as other vehicles as, like before, numerous companies are able to provide them for various engineering forms around the world (especially nowadays that infrastructures are being built from the ground up on a regular basis). A prime example would be the cement trucks from Isuzu Philippines. With that said, it’s vital that you consider the amount of cargo these trucks can haul.

Benefits of Using Medium and Heavy-Duty for Transporting Cargo

Advantage Of Medium Heavy Trucks

Usually, smaller businesses would settle for using light vans to transport their goods from point A to point B, but for those who’s businesses are in for a big boom logistically, here are three reasons to consider the sizable upgrade:

Convenience in Transport. When it comes to using trucks in general, this is one reason that you should definitely keep in mind! The best kind of convenience to the fact that a larger room for transport helps protect the integrity of the precious assets you need to transfer.

Convenience in Travel. Of course, this is another thing to consider as an advantage. When one wants to travel and bring as much stuff they can, hauling them onto a truck is a great benefit to consider. In fact, the bigger the truck you use, the more stuff you can bring with you in your travels.

Creativity in Business Applications. Speaking of bringing your stuff during your travels, this particular benefit can be the best to consider if you’re thinking of putting your business on the road! A large wing van could be converted into a mini showroom for your products, or an aluminum van could be converted into a food truck.  A bit of tinkering here and there can definitely be a great thing to consider.

How Can Foton Drive Your Business in the Philippines?

Foton Drive Your Business

With the focus at hand for this very specific piece, it’s no surprise that trucks are some of the most versatile vehicles ever known. Not only can they be modified, they can provide great support to your business. So what can medium to heavy trucks from Foton bring to your business?

Global R&D. Foton is compliant with European heavy duty truck standards. With over 300 personnel,  18 years of hard work, and millions of dollars invested in Foton’s global R&D division, Foton makes sure that they are always improving on what you can do with trucks to grow your business.

Lean Manufacturing Principles. Each truck goes through 36 quality controlling procedures, ensuring the quality of their manufacturing systems. This ensures that they provide their customers with products that they can trust for a really long time.

High-Value Products. It’s the culmination of Foton’s partnership with great international suppliers, global digital factories and strong testing & certification that has ensured the quality of Foton’s products. In the Philippines, Foton provides products with intuitive controls, ergonomic cabins and smart features that elevates that experience of truck owning to a higher level.  Their EST, GTL and ETX lines have been proven to be popular around the world and surely for your business!

Benefits of Buying Commercial Trucks

Buying a truck from a manufacturer like Foton in the Philippines is a major decision that should not be taken lightly by anyone.

Almost every truck driver has probably dreamed of owning their own truck and making money with it at some point in their lives. There are truck drivers that will simply not settle working as a driver for a company. They yearn for the freedom, independence, and profits that come with being an owner or operator of a truck.

Before you take the plunge and spend a large amount of money, here are the benefits of buying your own truck:

Carry Bigger Loads. The greatest benefit of buying a truck, by far, is that they are often better equipped to pull larger loads. Conventional trucks boast larger and more powerful engines which allow you to go further no matter the size of your haul. Depending on the regulations of your area, the restrictions on the total length of the asset can be lax. This means that a single truck can actually pull more than one individual trailer together, increasing your haul even more.

Ultimately, this allows you and your company to save huge margins by being able to deliver more stock with every trip.

Easy to Maintain. Because a conventional truck has a straightforward layout, their engines are generally more accessible and easier to tinker with. In most trucks, the engine is also distinctly separate from the cab of the driver and in their own spacious compartment which means that the driver will remain comfortable even on rough terrain.

When you are a driver off on a long haul, the last thing you would want is an engine that is hard to access once something fails. While most trucks have engines that are accessible by tilting the entire front face of the truck forward along with the cab itself, there are also trucks with engines that are accessible from the front.

Drive on Any Terrain. Your truck can drive on almost any terrain in the world, from the most barren of plains to the richly varied hills and mountains. Modern trucks today are correspondingly well equipped to deal with almost any road condition. The design of these trucks typically incorporates a more rugged design philosophy and more reactive suspension to respond to the challenges of trucking anywhere you might need.

Brand New Trucks vs. Surplus Trucks

You have probably asked yourself the age-old question: “Should I buy a new truck or a used one?” Thankfully, there are many trusted brands in the Philippines such as Foton that you could choose as the truck to drive your business.

Buying a new truck is obviously much more expensive than buying a used one. But aside from paying for the truck, you should also consider making payments towards its warranty and insurance. To provide you a more in-depth understanding, here are a few of the major advantages of buying a new truck:

You have Full Knowledge of the History of the Truck. When you buy a used truck, there is always a chance that you might run into some issues that are unknown to you. You are also probably going to have a hard time knowing exactly how well the maintenance of the truck has been or what issues have come up with it. When you opt to buy a new truck, you are the one who is in complete control. As long as you know how to take good care of your truck, you are most likely going to get a long, great life out of it.

On the other hand, purchasing a used truck for your business also has a few advantages. Here are some of them:

Buying a Used Truck is Significantly Cheaper. The price you have to pay drops off greatly if you opt to buy a used truck. Most of the depreciation in a truck happens during the first few years. Many trucks can be bought for half their price just two years after they have been sold brand new. Some trucks around the 10-year-old range can even be acquired for just over a fifth of their original price.

Lightly-Used Trucks are Almost Just as Good as New. A used truck can be gotten at nearly the same quality as a new truck for as long as it is not too old. You can even get the same use out of a pre-owned truck because they are essentially in good shape. Just be sure to know vital information from the previous owner on how you could maintain and even prolong its life.

Choosing Autokid and Foton for Your Business in the Philippines

Choosing Foton Autokid

Trucks are definitely much more than transporting cargo and precious items; they are also important for the convenience of the people. Think about it this way: without them, transportation wouldn’t be the same. In fact, it would be a lot more limited. With that said, there are trucks that can be provided through numerous brands, such as Foton in the Philippines—and when it comes to that, none can hold a candle to one of the Philippines’ most famous truck dealers: Autokid Truck Solutions!

Autokid Truck Solutions strives to provide customers with effective, efficient and economical truck solutions for your business. We provide a wide array of trucks under our belt,.

Interested in availing for their services? Feel free to contact us here!


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