Foton Philippines a Look Into the Products of the Number One Commercial Truck Provider

Foton Philippines: a Look Into the Products of the Number One Commercial Truck Provider

Transportation and logistics have always been significant contributors to every country’s economy. Although sometimes used interchangeably, there is a difference between these two industries. The former is focused solely on the movement of products, whether over air, sea or land, and a major part of it is the trucking industry where a trusted brand like Foton Philippines is constantly dominating. Logistics covers a broader spectrum that includes handling, packaging, inventory, and storage of goods. Put simply, transportation is a whole branch under logistics.

As much fun as it would be to discuss both extensively, there’s simply too much information that it wouldn’t fit in a single article, which is why we’re going to narrow down our perspective. In this particular article, we will be talking about the transportation industry with specific attention on the previously mentioned trucking industry.

The trucking industry refers to the transport and delivery of goods using commercial trucks. It is an integral part of the economy because almost every industry or business in existence relies on trucking for the proper and timely delivery of materials and products.

In past years, the Philippine’s thriving domestic economy has attracted organizations and individuals, both local and international alike, to enter the trucking industry. Today, it is continuously on the rise as more and more people start to open up their very own trucking ventures. This has then led to an increasingly high demand for commercial trucks – an important component to achieving success in the field.

Currently, supply is sufficient thanks to the many reliable truck brands and types available in the Philippines. Foton Motor, in particular, has been at the forefront of the industry, and for good reason. What these are will be discussed more in the succeeding parts. If you’re interested to find out more about Foton Philippines, the number one commercial truck provider in the country, and their different products, then we suggest you continue reading!

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Foton Philippines: All About the Brand

Foton Philippines All About the Brand

It always pays to know the people or, in this case, the brand behind the products we want to purchase, so we’ll start this off by taking a quick look into Foton Philippines.

Founded in 1996, Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd., also known as Foton Motor or Foton, is a subsidiary of the Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co., Ltd. or BAIC Group. The organization is responsible for designing and manufacturing light- and heavy-duty trucks, buses, heavy machinery, and SUVs.

Despite being a globally-recognized name in the industry, they continue to create value for their customers by producing innovative and affordable vehicles and providing high-quality service. In order to achieve this, they take part in joint ventures with equally-reputable component brands like Getrag and ZF, Aisin, Bosch, Cummins, and Dana. The collaboration between these world-renowned names has resulted in amazing automobiles that are fitted with the most technologically-advanced systems, created with sustainable engineering.

After taking over the local and international market and being branded as Asia’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer (essentially being one of the most well-respected brands in the trucking industry), Foton finally arrived at Philippine shores through the United Asia Automotive Group, Inc. (UAAGI). In the year 2006, Foton Philippines was officially established and was instantly embraced by the Philippine market. To this very day, it is still going strong. Though they have delved into making dual-purpose and passenger-oriented automobiles, they haven’t forgotten their roots and still continue to improve on their commercial trucks and vehicles.

Foton Philippines carries the same mission and vision as their parent company: to put the customers at the forefront of the business. With this, people can guarantee that they’ll always receive products of the highest quality and service on a world-class level.

The Different Commercial Trucks Offered by Foton Philippines

The Different Commercial Trucks Offered by Foton Philippines

Now that you’ve been familiarized with the brand, it’s time to know more about their products. As previously mentioned, Foton Philippines also offers passenger-oriented automobiles, but we will not be looking much into those. Instead, we’ll focus on its bread and butter – commercial vehicles.

Note, though, that we only aim to enumerate the different types of commercial trucks the brand offers. The qualities and specifications that make them worth your time and money will be discussed later on. That said, the commercial vehicles available for purchase from Foton Philippines are:


  • Tractor Heads

Tractor heads, or tractor units as they are more commonly known, are towing engines used to haul towed or trailered loads. These are the six-wheel drive vehicles you see on the road pulling large trailers behind them as the body of the vehicle moves completely separately from the cargo. Although used mostly for heavy-duty applications, there are models that are suitable for light- to medium duty applications.


  • Cargo Trucks

Here’s another type of commercial vehicle most should be familiar with. In some places, these are simply referred to as trucks, but that often brings many misunderstanding as there are many subtypes of trucks.

Much like tractor heads, cargo trucks are designed to carry loads and transport goods from one place to another. There are obvious differences between the two, though, with the biggest one being that cargo trucks are four-wheeled vehicles. There’s also the fact that cargo trucks come fitted with spacious cargo areas as opposed to tractor heads where the load can be detached and attached whenever needed.  

Cargo trucks, along with tractor heads, are the main commercial vehicles used to transport and/or deliver goods and products to and fro. Basically tractor heads and cargo trucks are the most in-demand vehicle types within the trucking industry.

  • Transit Mixer

While the first two can carry virtually any kind of load, the transit mixer is used mainly for transporting concrete, hence its alternative name, the concrete mixer. On top of this, the transit mixer is also equipped with a revolving drum that homogeneously combines the ingredients of the mixture such as cement, water, and aggregates like sand and/or gravel.

People involved in heavy construction prefer using transit mixers over the mixing the concrete by hand because it is less labor intensive. The vehicle also prevents the material from solidifying so workers don’t have to race against time to get the job done.


  • Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are usually utilized by the construction industry for transporting loose material needed for construction such as sand, stone, gravel, land, or demolition waste. They come equipped with an open-box bed that is hinged to the rear of the truck. Through the built-in hydraulic fronts installed in the front of the truck’s frame, the bed can be tipped to deposit or dump the materials on the ground, hence the name.

Although used mainly for construction, there are other industries that make use of dump trucks. It isn’t easily noticeable at first because each one calls it by a different name. The waste industry, for example, refers to it as a garbage truck, while some refer to it as a haul truck.

Foton Truck Comparison Chart

  Foton Auman EST
Foton Auman EST
Foton Auman New ETX Dump
Foton Auman ETX
Foton Auman GTL
Foton Auman GTL
Price PHP 2,840,000.00 – PHP 3,240,000.00 PHP 1,600,000.00 – PHP 3,650,000.00 PHP 3,030,000.00 – PHP 4,030,000.00
SKU FOTON#0004 FOTON#0005 FOTON#0001 FOTON#0007 FOTON#0008 FOTON#0010 FOTON#0012 FOTON#0013 FOTON#0014 FOTON#0015 FOTON#0002 FOTON#0003 FOTON#0006 FOTON#0009
Make Foton Foton Foton
Type/s Tractor Head Tractor Head Transmit Mixer Dump Truck Cab Chassis Cargo Truck Tractor Head Transit Mixer Dump Truck
Engine ISGe4-400 ISGe4-430 ISGe4-400 PHASER 210 WEICHAI 340 WD618.42Q WP10.340E32 WP12.380E32 ISGe4-400 ISGe3-430 ISGe4-350
Wheels 6 – 10 6 – 12 10 – 12

Foton Truck Comparison Chart

foton auman est Foton Auman EST Price: PHP 2,840,000.00 – PHP 3,240,000.00 SKU: FOTON#0004 FOTON#0005 Make: Foton Model: EST Type/s: Tractor Head Engine: ISGe4-400 ISGe4-430 Wheels: 6 – 10
Foton Auman ETX Foton Auman ETX Price: PHP 1,600,000.00 – PHP 3,650,000.00 SKU: FOTON#0001 FOTON#0007 FOTON#0008 FOTON#0010 FOTON#0012 FOTON#0013 FOTON#0014 FOTON#0015 Make: Foton Model: ETX Type/s: Tractor Head Transmit Mixer Dump Truck Cab Chassis Cargo Truck Engine: ISGe4-400 PHASER 210 WEICHAI 340 WD618.42Q WP10.340E32 WP12.380E32 Wheels: 6 – 12
foton auman est Foton Auman GTL Price: PHP 3,030,000.00 – PHP 4,030,000.00 SKU: FOTON#0002 FOTON#0003 FOTON#0006 FOTON#0009 Make: Foton Model: GTL Type/s: Tractor Head Transit Mixer Dump Truck Engine: ISGe4-400 ISGe3-430 ISGe4-350 Wheels: 10 – 12

One of the hardest things people in the trucking business have to do is choose between the three different types of Foton trucks, namely EST, ETX, and GTL. Each of these offers their own sets of advantages and disadvantages – mostly the former – and even if you were to pit them against each other they’d still come out pretty equal. Every single one of these types is built with an excellent blend of technology and comfort and have been proven to constantly deliver a reliable performance. There are, however, some aspects where one is superior to the rest.

EST models, for example, are much more eco-friendly commercial trucking solutions; ETX models, on the other hand, are specially made to fulfill your long-distance logistic needs; finally, GTL models offer a whole different level of car and driving comfort that helps enrich your driving experience. Don’t be fooled, though, because all of these qualities can be found in every single Foton truck.

At the end of the day, what really matters most when choosing between these amazing types is the intended purpose of the vehicle as well as the amount you are willing to spend. You don’t have to worry much about quality, comfort, and performance because all those are sure to be in the bag if you go with any Foton truck!

10 Amazing Qualities of Foton Commercial Trucks

10 Amazing Qualities of Foton Commercial Trucks

As promised, we’re also going to discuss the amazing qualities that these commercial trucks possess. These are the reasons why Foton commercial trucks are among, if not, the best in the market!

Large Capacity

A commercial truck isn’t worth anything if it isn’t able to transport huge loads from one place to another. Foton commercial trucks excel in this regard since they have one of the largest load capacities in the market. With these, those in the business won’t have to worry about having to go back and forth a couple number of times to complete the transfer or delivery of materials.

Incredibly Durable

Foton commercial trucks are one of the most durable vehicles in the market. They do not easily succumb to the wear and tear brought about by transporting goods and materials. They are also able to withstand harsh weathers and rough terrains without running into mechanical or system problems – something very few truck brands are capable of.

Practically Silent

Commercial trucks are known to make thunderous noise whenever they traverse the roads, but Foton’s are different. Thanks to the addition of a fully-electronic air suspension system, integrated automatic transmission, and countless more improvements, exterior and interior noise levels have been greatly reduced in order not to contribute to pollution and improve the driving comfort on the road.

Fuel Efficient

Combining an aerodynamic body with a Cummins Euro IV engine results in an incredibly fuel-efficient commercial truck. Many drivers have seen a visible change in their fuel consumption, and have enjoyed fuel savings of up to four to five percent! The numbers may not be staggering but this has proven to significantly reduce operating costs especially since fuel prices are continuously skyrocketing.

Fully Customizable

Each and every single one of Foton Philippines’ commercial trucks is fully customizable and comes with a wide array of optional accessories that buyers can choose from. You may not be able to design the truck from the ground up, but you should be able to customize it to suit your specific needs.

Technologically Advanced

Foton Philippines is heavily invested in research and development, as proven by their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities scattered worldwide. They have all the resources to make sure that each of their vehicles is created with the most advanced technologies available.

Ergonomic Cabin

One of the most commendable things about Foton is their desire to make everyone’s lives a little easier — especially truck drivers. Their vehicles come with ergonomic cabins that can make driving all the more convenient. This way, truck drivers won’t have to suffer through long hours on the road and can instead enjoy a different level of comfort that isn’t offered by any other brand. Maintenance is also made much easier, so owners won’t have to stress about keeping their units in top shape.

Safe and Easy to Handle

Foton commercial trucks are extremely easy to handle, especially for the standards for transport. Drivers should be able to drive straight and with minimal wobbling without much difficulty even at high speeds. This not only makes the job easy but also a lot safer than what it would normally be.


It’s no secret that commercial trucks are one of the biggest contributors to both noise and air pollution which is why they are held at much higher standards when it comes to emissions. In accordance to this, Foton commercial trucks are equipped with the right tools to ensure that all emission standards – whether that be noise or gas – are met, making them eco-friendly commercial trucks.

Aesthetic Appeal

These commercial trucks aren’t just designed to get the job done and deliver results, they are also made to turn heads. When it comes to choosing a commercial truck its best not to overlook aesthetic appeal. It may not be able to contribute much to productivity and efficiency, but it’s sure to catch the attention of potential clients and customers.


3 Reasons to Invest in a Commercial Truck from Foton Philippines

3 Reasons to Invest in a Commercial Truck from Foton Philippines

If the qualities listed above aren’t enough to convince you to invest in a commercial truck from Foton Philippines, then allow us to give you three more reasons why you should trust the brand and their products!

Well-Established Automotive Leader

It’s not often that you come across a brand of commercial trucks that have as much worldwide recognition. Foton Philippines alone has a long list of stellar achievements—  here are just some examples.

In only a little over 10 years, Foton Philippines was recognized as one of the top ten performers in the automotive industry by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI) – an organization tasked to monitor and report on anything related to automobiles including but not limited to overall sales of each brand. Placing in this category is an impressive feat even for a well-established and globally-recognized brand as Foton.

Other accomplishments that prove their authority in the field include having 29 total Foton dealerships nationwide with six of those expected to open by the end of 2018. They’re also set to build a P1.2 billion assembly plant in the Philippines in order to further establish their brand and also add to the growth of the Philippine economy.

Collaboration with Renowned Component Brands

The best commercial trucks by Foton Philippines are made only from the best components available in the market. As mentioned before, these elements are made by the world’s top automobile component brands – allowing Foton to create vehicles of the highest quality.

Of their many collaborations, the one with Cummins is most notable. Cummins is known to be one of the best manufacturers of engines and their creations are often deemed legendary. The brand has a long and great history of powering heavy-duty trucks that offer optimal performance, reliability, and longevity – all this on top of being economical and eco-friendly.

Of course, there are other brands in the mix that contribute to the greatness of Foton’s commercial trucks such as transmission specialists Getrag, ZF, and Aisin. As for two to four-wheel drive units, they rely on BorgWarner, while Dana takes care of axles and differentials. Bosch then takes over the electronics department and other dependent systems.

High-Quality Vehicles for a Reasonable Price

The cost of equipment has always been the number one concern of those looking to penetrate the trucking business because, quite frankly, commercial trucks don’t come cheap. It actually takes a sizeable amount of capital to be able to buy a single unit which is why every purchase decision should be well thought out.

Having read everything about Foton Philippines and their products, you could easily assume that the cost of one of their commercial trucks is twice, maybe even thrice, the average, but that actually isn’t the case. When compared to other commercial truck brands, the price of Foton’s units are actually lower, although not remarkably so.

You can put is somewhere in the middle-tier of prices which would still be a little steep for some, but you have to keep in mind that it comes with a long list of amazing qualities and benefits. Basically, you’re getting high-quality units for mid-range prices, and that’s a great deal if you ask us.

Autokid and Foton Philippines: The Ideal Partners for Your Trucking Business

Starting your own trucking business is sure to be extremely fulfilling and rewarding. However, in order to reap the most benefits, you have to choose the best commercial truck in the market as that is the focal point of the entire operation.

For the longest time, Foton Philippines has been considered the leading brand for commercial vehicles in the country, and we can’t help but agree. They have established themselves as true powerhouses and industry experts. Aside from Isuzu Trucks Philippines, very few brands have come close to what Foton has done for the transport and logistics industry and the country’s economic growth. The brand has changed the landscape of the trucking industry and will continue to shape it the way they want for many years to come.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of the high-quality commercial trucks from Foton Philippines, or their contemporary, Howo Philippines, then simply head to Autokid’s website. We have these units in stock and ready be purchased by anyone looking to succeed in the trucking industry.

We can guarantee that you won’t find better partners for your trucking business than Autokid and Foton Philippines. With us, you can rest assured that you are getting more than your money’s worth, so don’t stop hesitating and contact us now!