What are the reasons why you should invest in second-hand trucks?

  1. You can maximize your investment and/or other choices you can make
  2. You have the freedom to customize/accessorize
  3. You can avoid depreciation rates
  4. You can maximize your business with a second-hand truck


There are several benefits you can get from buying used trucks either for your business or your personal use. If you are looking to score a great deal at Japan-surplus trucks in the Philippines, you should know why you are getting your money’s worth in buying second-hand trucks.

In the Philippines, trucks for sale attract a great market because they are viable options for businesses and owners looking to build their fleet. The pre-owned market offers a wide array of selection that you can get at a lower price compared to newer models.

Knowing the right kind of truck that will deliver benefits for you would be an easy task if you have found the right partner in making a sale. For Philippine trucks, there are significant advantages to buying a pre-owned or secondhand vehicle over a new one. Take a look at some of the reasons why secondhand trucks hold the edge over buying a new one:

Maximizing Investment and Choice

Maximizing Investment and Choice

What makes pre-owned trucks attractive to shoppers is the promise of a lower price tag. This is what makes them a good investment for those who are on a budget. It is also important to remember that secondhand trucks also suffer less depreciation than new purchases. This means that they retain more of their initial value than a new truck.

When buying secondhand trucks, maximize your purchase by making the most out of financing options that are available on these vehicles and this will lessen the financial burden that you may have. You can have the opportunity to buy a nicer vehicle for less which will be a win-win situation for you.

Not to mention that the less expense you spend on buying a truck, the more you can allocate to your maintenance budget and customization of the vehicle. Saving extra money can be put towards customizable features for the truck, such as larger tires, a roof rack, and other items that you would want for your vehicle.

It is also important to mention that insurance rates are affected by how old a truck is so secondhand trucks often come with much lower insurance rates.

 Freedom to Choose Your Own Style

Freedom to Choose Your Own Style

Purchasing a secondhand truck would mean that it probably has been accessorized with great features that you come pre-installed in it. Imagine paying less for a new vehicle but with features that you will be appreciative of. You may find a truck that is already equipped with front grills and rams, leather upholstery or even a stereo.

Buying from the pre-owned market not only allows you to save money, but you can also have the freedom to choose your preferred look in a vehicle. With this, you can build your own branding if you are going to use the truck for business since you can buy the vehicles in bulk and in a uniform style.

The best part about this is you would not have to worry about going over your limit and you can still stay within the range of your budget. The broad range of vehicles to choose from will allow you to go over what your goal is in buying a secondhand truck and this will ensure that you will make a right choice in selecting one from a secondhand truck supplier.

Depreciation Rates

Depreciation Rates

As previously mentioned, depreciation is one of the biggest factors you have to consider when you are thinking of purchasing a secondhand truck. It is well known in the automotive industry that new cars lose value immediately after driving them off of the dealership lot.

A used vehicle will allow you to avoid major depreciation costs and get a vehicle at its true value. There are also cases wherein used trucks have the same depreciation as brand-new ones. With the same features and overall performance, you would be better off buying secondhand trucks.

Trucks Maximize Value for your Business

Trucks Maximize Value for your Business

If you are buying a truck for your business, it is a given that trucks are a big investment. Having hesitations on buying a secondhand truck is just normal but you have to consider the solid options that you can get from the pre-owned market.

Whether you will choose an aluminum van that is popular for its compact size and load capacity, for your small-scale business needs or a wing-van to accommodate your wider cargo, investing in secondhand trucks will open up many opportunities for you to maximize the value for your business.

Knowing the best company to deliver truck solutions for you and your business is the first step which will make it viable for you to grow your business for later.


Key Takeaway

Investing in secondhand trucks would be a crucial purchase but with the right guide, you will only be pursuing growth no matter what the purpose you have for these vehicles. Check out the available vehicles on the market and you may opt to start a trucking business which would be a greater investment for your future.