Digging Deeper Choosing Dump Trucks from Howo Philippines to Drive Your Business

Digging Deeper: Choosing Dump Trucks from Howo Philippines to Drive Your Business

Trucks are some of the most common forms of transport used on the road; many people also utilize them to perform different kinds of jobs! Trucks can come in a variety of sizes, most of them designed for very specific purposes. When it comes to the best example of a truck that really works its purpose, there is no other than a dump truck—and the brand Howo in the Philippines is certainly one of the great names in the world of trucks!

Founded in 1956, Howo is dubbed the cradle of China’s heavy-duty truck industry. With its strong partnership with the MAN Group (One of Europe’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers), strong R&D and established experience in the industry, Howo Trucks is geared drive the growth of China, the world, and your business!

In the engineering sector, dump trucks can be used in order to attain a great number of advantages. With its colossal size and vast spatial dimension, being able to haul hundreds and hundreds of construction materials can be an easy task to manage! But, is this the only thing dump trucks can do? And what is exactly are dump trucks in the first place?

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What are Dump Trucks?

What are Dump Trucks

The engineering and construction industry can be a tough place to work in, especially with the numerous materials that need to be used to ensure a project’s effectiveness and progression. Of course, when it comes to working in a construction site, you’re going to need something to help you carry the heavy load on an orderly basis—thankfully, dump trucks are the best bet for you!

Dump trucks are most commonly seen and used in various construction sites for the number of jobs that they do! Most of the time, they are confused as garbage trucks, however, these trucks are responsible for transporting (construction) materials from one location to another. As you can see, it has an important role to play in a building site—how else will the people there transport heavy-set equipment from point A to point B?

Essentially, there are three aspects dump trucks are known for: Size, Appearance, and Function.

First off, the size of a dump truck can depend—ranging from the standard 4×2 to the larger variants that can carry more loads. Second is their appearance. The most notable part of it is the bed on their back that handles the hauling, which can dump all of the loads for easy transport and clean-up. Finally, their function is to carry loads such as dirt, discarded materials, or various heavy-duty materials.


What are the Different Types of Dump Trucks?

When it comes to building and construction projects as well as excavations, there is no more important truck than a dump truck. The main reason for this is that the engineers and the workers are able to transport needed materials in an efficient manner—allowing them to finish their task as quickly as possible. Apart from this, they are easily available through the many truck companies in the Philippines, such as Howo.

For this, there are certain types of dump trucks that can be used for certain jobs. Each and every one of them can serve their purpose well, and at the same time provide numerous benefits for any engineer on the field. When it comes to dump trucks in the Philippines, there are two main types of trucks to consider based on their size.

Standard Dump Trucks

Usually the 4X2, these trucks are one of the most common types of dump trucks that there is! Standard dump trucks are the best types to use when it comes to easy transport from urban to rural areas and vice versa; making any construction job easier to handle. Depending on the weight of the load, a standard dump truck will surely get the job done.

Off-Road Dump Trucks

Classified as 6×4 and 8×4 types, these trucks are best used for challenging construction sites, especially for quarrying. When it comes to traversing on rocky roads and gravelly paths, the right set of wheels should always be in consideration; thankfully, off-road dump trucks are the best bets for everyone on the job! Not only can they travel through the road with ease, they are also among the best to use when it comes to hauling massive amounts of dirt, stones and other materials to various places! For mining operations, 8×4 sized trucks are preferred because mining locations are usually far away, plus the mining terrain will be challenging for the truck. The 8×4 proves to be the better option with its ability to handle the terrain and have carry more materials per trip.

These are the best examples to be made for the different types of dump trucks. Luckily, for everyone looking to avail of their services, there are numerous dealers that are always ready to deliver for their customers, especially names like Howo Philippines and Autokid Truck Solutions! Either way, each and every dump truck with their various uses will surely help get the job done!

Why Invest in Quality Dump Trucks?

Of course, like most things, there are certain benefits to be gained and looked forward to when using a great dump truck for their proper purposes. Engineers, together with construction workers, can surely release a sigh of relief thanks to these trucks. For instance, vehicles from Howo Philippines make their work a lot easier for them.

With that said, here are some of the benefits one can gain from using quality dump trucks:

Easy Transport

Providing easy transport is the one of first things you should consider when talking about the benefits of a dump truck. A quality truck will provide you with the engine power, traction and gas mileage in moving the heavy-duty equipment and construction materials you need to accomplish a building project. You should not have to worry your cargo failing to get delivered. Take pleasure in the convenience of operating a great vehicle for the job!

Easy Features

The ease of driving a quality dump truck is one thing to consider as it operates as simply as as a car. With the safety and smart features great dump trucks have, they make it easy to use their built-in mechanisms to operate the loading, driving and dumping your heavy cargo. With this kind of technology, transporting any amount of material from one site to another—or simply disposing of them—can be as smooth as you want it to be.

Easy Productivity

Productivity is always an important factor to consider. Small delays pile up. With the many jobs that are tasked to dump trucks operators, the multiple wins (and losses) will determine how well you did on a given day. Quality dump trucks accomplish daily jobs with gusto and precision, ensuring that many projects will be finished in a timely manner!

With that said, dump trucks around any construction site can be the saving grace everyone’s been looking for! Their vast availability for any job, as well as their high function in use, can really turn any job into a positive cloud of productivity. Of course, being able to properly operate them is something important to consider as not only can it ensure the smooth workflow, but it can also encourage and instill safety on the field.


Which Industries Need Dump Truck Services?

Dump trucks from brands like Howo in the Philippines can provide services to various industries available in the country. To learn more about this, continue reading below.

Construction and Engineering

These two industries are notorious for their large and heavy equipment and materials. They need these things in order to complete a project or an assignment. Without dump trucks, they won’t be able to transport items such as sand, metal parts, and heavy equipment to the site.


Mining is another industry that reaps the benefit of having dump trucks moving all of their needed equipment to the mining site. The items they tend to transport are safety materials that would ensure the welfare of the workers.


Landscapers also utilize dump trucks in their business to carry some flora and fauna. After all, they can’t exactly manage to move a medium-sized tree on their own.

Apart from this, they could also use these trucks to transport furniture from depots all over the metro to the area, where they plan to conduct their landscaping expertise.

Waste Disposal

Dump trucks are also very useful to the waste disposal industry. There are many neighborhoods in the country that are in need of garbage collection every week. Without them, these places will surely stink and become really filthy.

Furthermore, both government and private organizations are relying on waste disposal services to ensure their buildings and workplaces will remain as spotless as they can be.


What Safety Concerns Should You Know When Operating Dump Trucks?

The numerous dump trucks provided by Howo in the Philippines and other recognizable names in the engineering/automobile industry never come without the numerous safety concerns when it comes to operating them. After all, construction projects are never without some risks when working on them.

Thankfully, they can easily be addressed by simply following the manual of your designation dump truck. Remember, they are not just paperweights; they have a real purpose that you should definitely check out in order to ensure not only your safety, but also those people in and around your construction site. To help you out, here are some of the safety protocols to be followed when operating a dump truck:

Wear a Seatbelt

When it comes to operating any vehicle in general, wearing a seatbelt should be one of the most important things to instill in oneself, regardless of your particular profession. In fact, wearing a seatbelt when operating a dump truck will not only ensure the safety of the crew, but also the progression of the entire workday.

Nonetheless, wearing a seatbelt on the job should always be considered at all times. An accident should never be on anyone’s itinerary at work.

Wear a Helmet

Of course, when it comes to working in construction or engineering, wearing a helmet (especially in a hard hat zone) is one of the most notable safety protocols to be followed. In terms of working a dump truck, this is best done when transferring materials to other locations on the site. That way, safety is doubly ensured.

Driving at a Considerable Speed

Since you’re operating a dump truck, this is another best safety protocol to consider, especially with working on a site. A job site can have closed quarters in terms of space and dimensions, driving on a considerable amount of speed can be another great way to ensure the safety of every member of the crew, including your own.


Dump Trucks Available at Autokid Truck Solutions

When it comes to availing for dump trucks to use in the Philippines, trusting names such as Howo can be best for your construction needs! You’ll find that this brand is an ideal option to enjoy easy transport, features and productivity.

Trucks, in general, are definitely more than transporting cargo and precious items; they are also important for the convenience of the people. Think about it this way: without them, transportation AND engineering wouldn’t be the same. In fact, they would be a lot more menial.

With that said, there are dump trucks (as well as other kinds of trucks) here in Autokid Truck Solutions! From brand new trucks like Howo to Japan surplus ones like Isuzu, we have a wide selection for you to choose from to accommodate your various trucking needs.

When it comes to providing you with the right kind of trucks, we at Autokid Truck Solutions can definitely deliver. We strive to empower enterprises by delivering effective, efficient and economic truck solutions. We provide a wide array of trucks under our belt, including those from Howo Philippines and other trusted manufacturers. Your choices have surely been widened to a whole new degree!

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