LIGHT-DUTY TRUCKS are configured in four major ways to cater to specific types of businesses. For example, a truck with a dropside body application is usually meant to cater to businesses that sell construction materials; FB body trucks are meant to transport personnel, while reefer van trucks are meant to deliver frozen goods. But if you are into the trade of shipping dry goods like paper or packages, the aluminum van is the configuration for you. 

Mismatching the type of cargo to the type of truck is a common practice locally. For example, some businesses use FB body trucks to deliver packages and dropside trucks to transport people. However, we have three reasons why you should just get an aluminum van truck if you are delivering dry goods:

1. They protect your goods really well

There are so many things that could happen in a delivery. Once you take your business’s dry goods out of storage, you are exposing them to the elements such as rain, heat, moisture, dirt, and so on. 

The aluminum van does a great job of keeping your goods dry and protecting them from the elements. Unlike the FB body which has windows and openings where water could seep in, the inside of an aluminum van could only be accessed through aluminum doors which are secured with linings made of different materials to keep the moisture out. The aluminum panels in these vehicles also do a great job of absorbing shock to protect your goods from serious damage.

2. They are high-capacity

Aluminum vans are excellent vehicles of choice to carry goods as they allow you to deliver cargo in fewer trips. The enclosed interior of this configuration allows not only more horizontal space but plenty of vertical space as well unlike with other body applications such as the FB body and dropside.

3. They are lightweight and durable

Aluminum is a metal known for being lightweight and durable at the same time that is why it is an ideal material for fabricating the panels of an aluminum van. The metal’s lightweight properties also allow aluminum van bodies to be high and wide without compromising the maneuverability of the truck. 

Looking for an aluminum van to help you in your business that protects your goods well, is high-capacity, lightweight, and durable? We have just the right truck for you! Autokid Truck Solutions brings you the Autokid Titan Aluminum Van, specially configured to cater to businesses that sell and deliver dry goods. If you want to know more and see more of the truck, visit any of our branches or call us at +639176530000.