Aiming to be the premier and preferred household name for truck solutions in the Philippines, we at Autokid Truck Solutions continue to empower enterprises to soar high with smart, cost-effective, and optimized truck solutions. As another year comes to an end, let’s celebrate and look back at how we were able to continually carve our company’s path towards becoming the country’s trusted company for trucking solutions.


Modernizing Mobility, Building Equality

Playing a crucial role in a healthy economy, public transportation is a major investment. We have ignited and helped our economy gear towards the modernization of our public transportation by releasing more than 800+ units of modern jeepneys since 2021.

This was in collaboration with various transport corporations and cooperatives all over the Philippines, further aiding the Filipino community in providing accessibility and comfort when it comes to their commute.




Paving the Way to Community Prosperity

Serving various municipalities and barangays nationwide, we were able to turn over a total of 858 units and are still counting!

These units consisted of medium to heavy trucks, heavy equipment and machineries, and special purpose vehicles that aided the community in tackling crucial infrastructure projects, bolstering agricultural productivity, and enhancing disaster response capabilities, ensuring a stronger and more self-sufficient community.




Electrifying the Way Businesses Move

Fresh from the futuristic movies and now becoming a mainstream reality, electric vehicles now are on the rise, representing the gradual fundamental shift of our economy towards a cleaner, more sustainable, and technologically advanced future.

We were able to champion this shift by launching five electric vehicles, spearheading clean, reliable but powerful transport solutions for various enterprises.




Building Partners with Autokid Franchise 

Extending our spirit of driving businesses forward by understanding the goals of our customers, we have opened our doors to franchise ownership, inviting industry partners and businesses to embrace our deep industry expertise and established brand recognition.

This exciting shift isn’t just about expansion, it’s about empowering passionate entrepreneurs to become part of a dynamic brand that ties itself with quality, reliability, and continually driving Filipino businesses forward.



Hitting the Road with Autokid Motors

After 12 years of empowering businesses with trucks, our company has entered the passenger car market. Through a joint venture with GAC Motors we were able to launch Autokid Motors, an all-new lineup of stylish, tech-packed cars prioritizing fuel efficiency, eco-friendliness, and affordability,

This venture not only expands our reach in the automobile industry, but also marks a full circle moment for the company, once again serving individual drivers as it started back in its early days.



Commitment to Quality with ISO Recertification

Maintaining our high standards and commitment to top-quality truck solutions through a structured and efficient system, we have successfully recertified our Quality Management System to the ISO 9001:2015 standard last November.

This reflects our continued focus on quality, enhanced business efficiency, and potential for future growth through expanding services and partnerships.




From modernizing public transport to electrifying businesses and empowering entrepreneurs, these 2023 milestones demonstrate our deep understanding of customer goals and a guiding hand towards progress. We have built partnerships, diversified solutions, and prioritized quality, constantly driving a thriving, equitable future for all Filipinos.

Autokid’s achievements aren’t just milestones, they’re stepping stones paving the way to achieving our vision. Let’s gear up towards the next chapter by welcoming 2024 with endless possibilities.