Handover of Relief Goods at Autokid Headquarters. From Left to Right: Autokid Truck Solutions CEO Kevin McHale Yao, Vice Gov. of Cagayan Melvin Vargas Jr. and Ms. Celine Pialago

In the aftermath of Super Typhoon “Egay,” Vice Govornor of Cagayan Melvin Vargas Jr. and former Metropolitan Manila Development Authority spokesperson, Celine Pialago, demonstrated unwavering support for the affected residents of Cagayan. In a heartwarming gesture, they sent much-needed assistance to those grappling with the devastation caused by the calamity.

Partnering with Autokid Truck Solutions, led by President and CEO Kevin McHale Yao, 100 boxes of sardines and 100 sacks of rice were donated to the people of Cagayan through Autokid Cares, the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. Pialago expressed her deep gratitude to Vice Gov. Vargas Jr. and Mr. Yao for their generous contribution to the relief efforts, which would undoubtedly provide essential sustenance and comfort to those in need.

Through Autokid Cares, the initiative deeply rooted in the company’s core values of Empowerment, Reliability, Discipline, Partnership, and God-Centeredness, Autokid goes beyond its business endeavors to drive positive change and make a lasting impact on communities in need.

The beauty of Cagayan and the resilience of its people have captured Pialago’s heart, igniting her passion to encourage more individuals and organizations, alongside Vice Gov. Vargas Jr., to join hands in assisting Cagayan and other areas severely affected by the typhoon. The call to action is clear – together, united in compassion, we can weather any storm.

As the region of Cagayan faced the impact of Typhoon “Egay” with the hoisting of Tropical Cyclone Wind Signal No. 4, the collective effort to aid those in need becomes even more critical. Autokid Truck Solutions, through Autokid Cares, stands alongside Vice Gov. Melvin Vargas Jr., Celine Pialago, and the people of Cagayan in their journey to recovery.