Commuters of the SBMA can now avail of a safer, cleaner, and more convenient form of public transportation. Autokid PUVMP Solution, In partnership with the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA), has commenced the dry-run operations of the Autokid Dongfeng Mini Bus, a modernized jeepney/PUV that provides safe passage for SBMA commuters throughout SBMA. For a dry-run special price of ₱20, the Autokid-Dongfeng Mini Bus will transport SMBA commuters to various business and housing districts in the area. The initial routes are as follows:

  • Kalaklan to Cubi (Vice Versa)
  • Kalaklan to Binictican (Vice Versa)
  • Kalaklan to Kalayaan (Vice Versa)

As transportation modernizes, and with the added concerns of commuter-safety and social distancing measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is high time for the Philippines to modernize its public utility vehicles for the wellbeing of everyone. Autokid’s partnership with the SBMA sets the standard for what the PUV modernization program can be.

Expect more modern transportation projects from Autokid in the coming months. For more details on Autokid and its line of PUV solutions for your business, call 8706-6666 or 0917-653-0000. Or visit their Facebook page: