With the new normal, more organizations are finding ways to create transportation systems that are efficient and safe. Cashless payment systems are needed to reduce the chance of viruses spreading.

To aid in such efforts, Autokid partnered with TRIPKO, the leading AFCS provider in the Philippines to provide free reloadable payment cards to commuters in Subic. TRIPKO provides commuter convenience and security as it reduces cash handling for the passenger. Commuters need to simply tap the card on the PUV’s device to make a payment.

Autokid Partners with Tripko

This partnership allowed Autokid’s Modernized PUV, the Dongfeng Mini Bus, to be able to accept cashless payments for the convenience of transport operators and commuters alike. In partnership with the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority: Autokid PUVMP Solution’s transport services are available for commuters from Kalaklan Gate to Royal Duty Free and vice versa. You can see the detailed route stops here:

Expect more modern transportation projects from Autokid in the coming months. For more details on Autokid and its line of PUV solutions for your business, call 8706-6666 or 0917-653-0000. Or visit their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/AutokidPUVMP