The mini dump truck is a category of its own. It is a truck that is not too big. It can transport heavy loads that small vehicles cannot, but it cannot carry oversized assets that a full-size truck usually handles. It is not as nimble in the streets as a sedan or an SUV but it is more agile than a standard truck. 

The mini dump truck is a reliable mode of transporting heavy loads without touching on the hassles of handling a full-size dumper. Like any other types of trucks, it has its share of pros and cons that business owners should be aware of: 


Agility. The mini dump truck is smaller than the full-size dump truck, making it more agile in traversing traffic. The mini dump truck is easier to maneuver in narrow streets, making it suitable for driving in a Southeast Asian city. Manila’s terrible traffic congestion also puts the full-size dump truck at disadvantage compared to the mini dump truck.

Less blind spots. Blind spots are an important concern of truck drivers. Because of its smaller size, the mini dump truck has fewer blind spots than its full-size counterpart. 

Fuel efficiency. The mini dump truck has better fuel mileage compared to the full-size truck as it moves less weight. 

Affordability. The mini dump truck is usually more affordable than the full-size dump truck as it costs less to produce owing to its size. Less metal also means fewer parts to maintain, making it even cheaper in the long run. 


Less load capacity. The mini dump truck has a smaller load capacity as it has a smaller dump box than the full-size truck. It is usually meant only for lighter loads. 

Less power. Mini dump truck models usually have smaller engines than their full-size counterparts. Engines with smaller displacements produce less torque and horsepower. As the mini dump truck is usually meant for lighter loads, equal power to the full-size truck is unnecessary. This does not mean that the mini dump truck is not a powerful machine; in fact, one model produces 125 horsepower. 

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