Which brakes are best suited for trucks: hydraulic brakes or air brakes? 

A safe and effective braking system is a grave concern for truck drivers, operators, and manufacturers. Trucks are heavy machines and their engines need high amounts of torque and horsepower to move not just the unit’s weight but its usually massive cargo as well. Stopping massive amounts of power requires just as powerful or even more powerful brakes.

There are two major types of braking systems: Hydraulic and Air. Both types have their respective advantages and disadvantages which will be discussed below. 

Hydraulic Braking

This type of braking system is most common in light passenger vehicles. Hydraulic brakes require a brake liquid to transfer the force from the brake pedal to the wheels.

Pros. Hydraulic braking makes immediate and fast stopping. Compression cannot be present in the brake liquid, making the transfer of the force direct from the brake pedal to the wheels. Hydraulic brakes are also simpler than air brakes and usually cost less.

Cons. Minor leaks can make the hydraulic system non-functional. The presence of air bubbles in a hydraulic brake system can also cause it to malfunction completely. However, these problems can be avoided by proper, regular maintenance. 

Air Braking 

In this type of braking system, compressed air is used to apply stopping power to the wheels. Once the pedal is pushed, the brake chamber becomes filled with air and the brake pads are pushed against the brake drum, putting the vehicle into a halt.

Pros. Air brakes are suitable for large vehicles as they can transfer huge amounts of mechanical power over a large distance using simple parts. Furthermore, air brakes can still work even with minor leakage, which is not possible with liquid brakes.

Cons. Air brakes usually cost more than hydraulic brakes. Moisture can also build up in environments with compressed air, which may require air dryers to remove.

Which braking system is suitable for trucks?

Failing brakes can be fatal in trucks given the power these machines put out compared to lighter vehicles, so the most reliable braking system is the most appropriate for them. Both air brakes and hydraulic brakes are reliable and powerful enough to stop trucks. Thus, both are suitable for trucks. Any failure in braking can be prevented by proper and regular maintenance as with the case for all the parts in a truck. Treat it well and it will not fail. 

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