Starting as a dealer of second-hand cars online, after 12 years of driving businesses forward with its economic truck solutions, Autokid Truck Solutions circles back completely as it further expands its automotive services, launching its all-new car units under the brand ‘Autokid Motors.’

This joint venture between Autokid Truck Solutions and GAC Motors has opened to the Philippine market its all-new set of cars crafted with excellence and innovative technology, bringing its customers long-lasting value and joyful experiences. GAC Motors prides itself on its commitment to the pursuit of excellent quality and craftsmanship, in delivering commercial automobiles with premium quality coupled with outstanding after-sales services.

Showcasing a range of stylish and contemporary designs that prioritize sleek lines and striking accents, each car model boasts diverse technological advancements. These innovations are intelligent driving assistance systems, customizable driving modes, user-friendly touchscreen LCDs, wireless charging capabilities, and advanced panoramic parking image systems. Additionally, the incorporation of fuel efficiency, eco-friendliness, and comprehensive warranties in each car model reflects a commitment to meeting the varied preferences and needs of a wide spectrum of consumers.

Excited to know more about the car models in detail? Then read on!

GS3 EMZOOM: Style Meets Intelligence for the Modern Explorer

Unveil the perfect blend of cool design, intelligent spaciousness, and skip-level performance in the GS3 EMZOOM, a subcompact SUV that redefines style and features. Drive greatness with a 1.5L turbocharged engine, impressive 18 km/L fuel economy, and advanced safety features, all backed by a comprehensive warranty. The GS3 EMZOOM: where looking great, driving great, and eco-friendliness converge, tailored for the modern explorer.


EMPOW: Empowering Drives for the Bold and Tech-Savvy

EMPOW, the high-tech, stylish sports sedan, understands young people’s need for style and practicality. With its sleek design and cutting-edge technology, EMPOW lets you customize your drive with the world’s first 4 + X driving mode. Express your individuality and make a statement on the road with a car that’s not just a drive but an experience, perfectly tailored for the bold and tech-savvy.


EMKOO: Stylishly and Technologically Advanced for the Innovators

EMKOO is not just a car; it’s a style statement with a mecha-style front grille and a tech marvel inside. Stylish and technologically advanced, it features a touchscreen LCD, wireless charging, and intelligent features like the DOW and driver assist system. Efficient, powerful, and tech-savvy – EMKOO is the choice for those seeking style, tech, and efficiency in one package, crafted for the innovator.


GN6: Stylish Adventures for the Modern Family

Elevate family adventures with the GN6, a spacious and stylish SUV that turns heads. Beyond its grand styling, enjoy comfort with roomy interiors, easy control, and all-round protection. The GN6 is not just safe; it’s eco-friendly with multiple driving modes and a panoramic parking image system, making it the perfect choice for families seeking style, safety, and eco-conscious driving, engineered for the modern family.


GS8: Tech-Infused Elegance for the Luxurious Families and Professionals

In the GS8 luxury SUV, luxury meets technology for those who desire both. Perfect for families needing spacious elegance or business professionals seeking style and comfort, the GS8 is the epitome of a luxury SUV. Redefine your drive with a vehicle that’s not just stylish but technologically advanced, setting new standards for luxury and performance, tailored for elegance and tech mastery.


GS4: Urban Edge and Compact Brilliance crafted for City Life

City dwellers, young professionals, and families unite with the GAC GS4, a compact SUV that defines boldness. Its stylish design, spacious and comfortable interior, efficient engine, and comprehensive safety features make it the choice for those who want to make a statement on urban roads. Packed with tech features, the GS4 is the perfect blend of style and practicality for diverse drivers, crafted for urban prowess.

Interested in our car models? Don’t miss the chance to witness these innovative vehicles firsthand! Come and visit our car displays in the following malls:

  • Every Saturday and Sunday of December at the Trinoma Malls
  • December 5 to 7 at RCBC Apalit, Pampanga
  • December 5 to 10 at the Robinsons Place Malolos
  • December 8 to 10 at the MarqueMall Pampanga
  • December 22 to 28 at the SM City Clark, Pampanga

Autokid Truck Solutions has marked a significant milestone in its 12-year journey by venturing into new horizons with Autokid Motors, introducing a fleet of six brand-new sedan and SUV models in collaboration with GAC Motors.

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