Love blossoms to a lot of things, but within a marriage, it can truly flourish into shared adventures and milestones reached hand-in-hand. These milestones become the stepping stones of two intertwined souls towards building a family of their own.

For Rafael and his wife, recently acquiring their 1st car as a married couple, marks a momentous milestone as they further dive into their married lives together. 


Image Source: Sir Rafael B.

Ready to start a family of their own, recently acquiring a GAC GS3 EMZOOM RStyle which they named “ekahi” (Hawaiian term for One) had the married couple bursting with excitement as they already envision themselves creating memorable adventures with their first car.

“We only had “’Ekahi” for a week so I’m looking forward to those memories down the line,” Rafael shared in an online interview.




Rafael shared how it has always been his wife’s goal to purchase a car again because she had to let go of her car 14 years ago due to personal circumstances. They were already dating back then and he witnessed how her girlfriend back then, now wife, really cherished that car and how it was hard to let go.

Now as a married couple, his wife made the bold move and surprised him on his birthday of her plans on getting a brand new car as a gift to him. Sir Rafael had the liberty to choose what brand and model they should get as their first car.

“That’s one of the goals she has set herself up that one day she will get to purchase again a car. It took a while to get where she is right now but it was all worth it,” he shared.




Rafael confessed that he had low expectations at first and had him thinking twice of pursuing GAC brand of their first car but they didn’t let these expectations ruin their chance of trying out the car for themselves.

“I did do extensive research about the brand and all but to see is to believe as they say. My Wife and I were surprised during our test drive with the kind of car you’re getting for it’s price,” Rafael shared.

From borrowing the car from their parents or spending heaps of money on public transportation, now owning a GS3 EMZOOM in their married life made it easier for them to move around the metro. 




In the Filipino culture, having a first car is often seen as a symbol of success. 

For the married couple, acquiring the GS3 EMZOOM exceeded others expectations. Their friends and family were surprised at their determination and pleasantly happy with their milestone, celebrating their success with even more enthusiasm.

“They were surprised with how the car looks and feels premium for a fraction of the price compared to other brands. Not to mention the features you get for it,” Rafael mentioned.

Many people develop a strong emotional attachment to their first cars. Now having a car that they could call their own holds a sentimental value to their married life.

“Somehow it reminds us how far we’ve come in life and what also holds for us in the future. Very excited to drive through it with our car,” Rafael shared.





Car ownership is not easy, and a lot of things have to be considered before diving into this aspect of one’s life. For Rafael and his wife, their skepticism with GAC proved them wrong.

“I know a lot of people are still skeptical with Chinese car brands as a whole, but to tell you honestly, GAC nailed this one right off the bat,” Rafael expressed.

When asked about his advice to fellow Filipinos who aspire to own their first GAC car, he emphasized on taking a leap of faith and embracing the chance to explore the decisions that will kickstart their car ownership journey. 

“You’ll never know what you’ll get if you don’t want to try it and take a chance with it, so go on and book a test drive and see it for yourself. They say it best, Go And Change!” Rafael concluded.


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