How do you take care of your truck during the rainy season?

  1. Check the battery and wheels
  2. Ensure optimum visibility
  3. Replace worn out wiper blades and brakes
  4. Keep your truck clean
  5. Make use of weatherproof accessories



It should not come as a surprise that driving your truck in the rain can be extremely dangerous. The harsh realities of sudden rain and perennial flooding are all too familiar for Filipinos who live in a tropical country. Even though you won’t always be driving through six-foot-deep floods, it pays to take extra care of your truck from Foton in the Philippines during the rainy season.

It would be great if people could just stay at home and enjoyed a hot beverage during the rainy season, but unfortunately, that is not the case. People, like truck drivers, have jobs that require them to hit the road even when it is pouring out. This is why it is important for you to learn some essential tips for maintaining a vehicle during a downpour.

Here’s how you can take care of your truck during the rainy season:

Check the Battery and Wheels

Check the Battery and Wheels

The last thing you need as you make your way through slick highways and torrential rains is a dead battery for your truck. Battery problems are almost as unexpected as the changes in weather so it helps to be prepared.

Battery problems tend to occur during the rainy season because it is overworked and its load increases as you use more of the electronics in your truck such as the wipers, air conditioning, radio, and headlights. Before you head out, have a mechanic check the battery in your truck to know whether it is functioning properly.

You should also determine the condition of your tires if you want to drive safely during the rainy seasons. There is an increased chance of experiencing aquaplaning when driving on wet surfaces. Make sure that your tires are in driving condition and consider replacing them if they are worn out. Lastly, check if the tires of your truck have the right amount of pressure as indicated on the manual before you drive on the road.

Ensure Optimum Visibility

Ensure Optimum Visibility

Driving in the pouring rain can limit your vision. This is why in many places, it is a requirement for trucks to drive with their headlights and taillights on during heavy rainfall. Check the condition of the taillights and headlights of your truck to better help you with your vision as well as help other drivers know your location.

If you want to get the best visibility, opt for dipped beam lights and make sure that they are turned on. You can also opt for LED headlights to provide brighter, stronger lighting and enhance your driving safety.

Another great tip for driving in rainy weather is maintaining your distance from other vehicles. Many of the accidents that happen during the rain are because water on the road creates a bad surface to drive on. Vehicles end up running and spinning out of control which causes numerous accidents.

Follow the speed limit and make sure that you put enough distance between your truck and the other vehicles. For rainy weather driving, it is recommended that you maintain at least three times the normal distance so you have more time to react should an accident occur.

 Replace Worn Out Wiper Blades and Brakes

Replace Worn Out Wiper Blades and Brakes

In the Philippines, the rainy season is usually preceded by a long, dry season which means that a few months might have already passed since you last used your windshield wipers. Your wipers should be working perfectly once monsoon season comes so consider changing the wiper blades of your truck every year for the best performance. This also ensures that you have a continuous visibility.

You should also make sure that your brakes are functioning well. More specifically, you should check the condition of the brake discs and brake pads. You can also hire a specialist to check the condition of your brakes if you need the help. You should also check the color of the brake fluid; the best time to replace it is when the color of the fluid starts to resemble the color of a fish sauce.

Keep Your Truck Clean

Keep Your Truck Clean

A lot of people seem to believe that they don’t have to clean their truck simply because it is raining. The truth is that the rain actually does more harm than good to the exterior of the truck. The rain leaves acidic deposits that eat away at the metallic parts of the vehicle, so if you want to keep your exterior looking good even during rain, you need to clean your truck.

In particular, pay attention to the headlights, windshield, and windows when cleaning your truck. This improves your visibility while driving.


Key Takeaway

The need to drive during harsh weather conditions is sometimes inevitable. However, as long as you know these few essential care tips for your truck from Foton in the Philippines, you can have smooth rides regardless of the situation.

It becomes easier to maintain parts of your truck once you figure out which ones are affected by the rainy season. Remember the tips above so you can drive your trucks safely.