The ‘season of giving’ is here! Now is truly a joyous and festive time filled with gifts, gatherings, sparkling lights, and adorable giggles from the little ones.

But for logistics companies and business owners like you, the holiday season is your most hectic time as you do your best to cater to the significant increase in demand while the delivery industry also receives an influx of packages from a surge of online orders and the long-standing tradition of balikbayan boxes, creating a festive rush. While this influx of packages brings excitement and anticipation to Filipino families, it also presents significant logistical challenges.

Online shopping is experiencing a significant uptick, with 72% of Filipinos engaging in both online and physical store purchases, and 15% opting for online-only transactions, particularly popular among the younger generation. Simultaneously, balikbayan boxes, numbering around 5.5 million annually, flood the Philippines, with a notable 40% arriving during the holiday months from September to December.

With all of this surge during the holiday season, the sheer volume of packages strains delivery companies, leading to challenges such as vehicle shortages, mechanical maintenance issues, logistics bottlenecks, and last-mile delivery problems. The resulting delays and disruptions can frustrate customers, impacting satisfaction and hindering the enjoyment of online-ordered goods during the holiday season.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!


The Three Steps to Solve Your Logistics Dilemmas

Here are THREE STEPS how you will overcome your logistics challenges:

STEP 1. Make sure you have enough fleets!

Adequate fleet capacity is synonymous with operational agility, serving as the backbone of efficient logistics. It empowers your business to respond dynamically to fluctuating market demands, ensuring that you not only keep up with the pace of deliveries but also maintain a high standard of service. 

Fortunately, we at Autokid Truck Solutions stand ready with an extensive set of Affordable yet High-Quality Trucks tailored to your needs. Choose from our extensive collection of trucks, including the: 

dongfeng captain 4fAutokid Flash 4W 9ft: Ideal for navigating tight city streets with its compact design and impressive payload capacity.

Autokid Titan 4W 10ft: A versatile option perfect for handling larger deliveries with ease.

Dongfeng Captain 6W: Transport even the bulkiest items efficiently with this powerful six-wheeler.


STEP 2: Prepare ahead for your fleet’s mechanical issues

You must think ahead and be ready for any mechanical issues experienced by your fleets. Delivery vehicles during the holiday rush will most likely encounter a variety of common mechanical issues such as engine, transmission, tire, brakes, and electrical problems.

Worry no more about the sudden mechanical issues because we at Autokid Truck Solutions go beyond just providing trucks or delivery fleets. We offer a comprehensive range of after-sales services to ensure your vehicles are always in top condition. 

With over 14 branches nationwide, we have a call center always available to assist you if your fleet experiences mechanical problems. We have a team of experts dedicated to providing prompt and efficient maintenance and repair services, ensuring your fleet is always ready to handle even the busiest holiday season.


STEP 3: Make sure you have access to essential fleet Parts and Accessories:

Having fleet mechanical issues comes in need of various fleet parts and accessories. No matter what your truck requires, Autokid Truck Solutions has you covered. We stock a wide variety of parts and accessories, readily available to keep your fleet running smoothly. This eliminates delays in finding the necessary parts and keeps your trucks running smoothly throughout the holiday rush.

A Stress-free Holiday Rush

We all want to be happy during the holiday season, both businesses and consumers. We all want these challenges and problems to be solved to avoid its negative effects. In its 12 years of offering trucking solutions to various businesses, We at Autokid Truck Solutions will definitely help your business ensure smooth and efficient deliveries during this peak season. 

Don’t let the holiday season overwhelm your logistics operations. Partner now with Autokid Truck Solutions! 

Contact us today at 0917-653-0000 or message us on our Facebook page: Autokid Truck Solutions and take the first step towards discovering how a set of comprehensive delivery vehicles coupled with guaranteed after-sales services can help you conquer this busy season with confidence and efficiency.