THE PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE schedule or PMS is one of the most important calendars that automotive operators with valuable assets should be following. 

Preventive maintenance is a systematic approach to prolonging the life of an operator’s vehicles. It is a series of diagnostic checks and preventive measures to keep the vehicles—in Autokid and its client’s case, trucks—of a company in good condition as long as possible and also keep their operation as low-cost for the company as possible. 

This article is about PMS in general but with more emphasis on PMS on trucks. 

What is in a Preventive Maintenance Schedule? 

Preventive maintenance is something that is done on a regular schedule. Truck operators are encouraged to follow this schedule as close as possible to keep big problems in operation at bay. The following are the works observed in Preventive Maintenance Schedule (PMS) servicing: 

  1. Engine oil and oil filter change
  2. Engine tune-up
  3. Transmission fluids checks and change
  4. Oil pressure checks
  5. Cooling and heating systems check
  6. Mounts, drive shafts, CV joints, belts, and hoses check
  7. Electric components check
  8. Electronic components check
  9. Steering check
  10. Auxiliary vehicle systems check
  11. Lights check
  12. Truck body check
  13. Glass and mirrors check
  14. Exhaust system check
  15. Brake check
  16. Fuel system check
  17. Tires and wheels check
  18. Undercarriage and frame check
  19. Suspension system check
  20. Seat belts check
  21. Overall seat structure check

Why is the Preventive Maintenance Schedule important? 

Preventive maintenance ensures that the company’s investment pays off by getting the most out of a vehicle’s life cycle. It identifies and corrects the problem before it could become too costly for the company. More specifically, observing the Preventive Maintenance Schedule (PMS) gives the following benefits: 

Prevent unexpected downtimes

Downtimes are costly. The good thing, though, is that operators can avoid them by simply maintaining their vehicles in top condition which can be done by following the preventive maintenance schedule. Why worry about parts breaking down in your truck if you know you have maintained your vehicle well?  

Safer operation

Probably the most important reason why the PMS is important to follow is that it makes the trucks safer to operate on the road. The PMS ensures that important safety features in the truck such as brakes and even suspension are working well.  

Better fuel economy

A well-maintained truck is more fuel-efficient than a badly maintained one. Things that are as simple as keeping oil filters fresh, tires at the correct pressure, and wheels at correct alignment have a huge effect on how efficiently the truck uses fuel. So, make sure to follow that PMS. 

Cut down on repair costs

One of the great benefits of following the PMS is it keeps trucks in top condition and would prevent major failures that would cost more in the long run. A well-maintained truck will still break unexpectedly from time to time but these breaks will be most likely minor ones and will be usually easier to repair. Badly maintained trucks break frequently and require major repairs. 

Longer truck lifespan

One of the primary goals of following the PMS is to make the lifespan of the truck as long as possible. Trucks are major investments for any enterprise and they would like to see their investments pay off in the long run. It would be a huge financial burden for companies, especially smaller ones, to replace trucks more frequently than they should. 

Preserves company reputation

Downtimes due to unexpected failure of parts in your trucks are bad not only because companies lose profit when the wheels are not turning but also because it leaves a stain on the relationship of the company with the client. Downtimes are costly not only to the operator but also to the client who commonly has a schedule of their own to follow. 

Keeping trucks at top condition cuts down the amount of downtime that could occur and would improve the company’s image to its clients and potential clients.  

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