As the popular saying goes “New Year, New Me!”

We have this culture every after New Year Celebration of creating goals for ourselves and committing to do better in all aspects of our lives, especially in our jobs and businesses.

The significance of truck maintenance is crucial to your business operations, profitability, and reliability, further impacting customer satisfaction.

We understand the struggle in keeping new year’s resolutions. That’s why we only have two truck maintenance resolutions for you to keep in mind.


Truck Maintenance Resolution No. 1: Let’s start with YOU

You must first have a mindset of being accountable.

Accountability fosters ownership while building trust through being responsible and reliable. You must hold yourself accountable for the truck units that your business is using in its daily operations. You may have hired an individual or a team to do this for you but as business owners, this accountability mindset must start with you, and your team will surely follow in your footsteps.


As for your team who themselves use the truck units your business have, these are the two things to remind them this 2024:

  • Be Updated of Current Road Conditions

Weather conditions, road reblockings, and vehicular accidents are some of the factors that could affect road safety thus affecting your deliveries. Make it a habit this 2024 to stay informed about the road conditions of the route that your deliveries will be going through.

How? Social Media! Almost everything happening around us is broadcasted on social media. Follow official pages of news outlets and join groups where people usually post about vehicular accidents around your area so that you can plan ahead your trips and use alternative routes to avoid delaying your deliveries.

  • Stay Disciplined on the Road!

Distracted driving is one of the main causes of road accidents. You may have a well-maintained truck but this will all be for nothing without disciplined drivers. As Disciplined Drivers, you need to not only see and maintain attention on the road but also be able to follow traffic laws and speed limits.



Truck Maintenance Resolution No. 2: Commit to the Regular PMS

Maintain your peace of mind by just sticking to the regular service care schedule of your truck unit manufacturer. The automotive industry nowadays gives emphasis to after sales services. It would be an investment to your business if you just follow the regular maintenance of your truck units to see through potential problems and fix it before it damages further your units, thus costing you more in maintenance expenses.

Manufacturers usually do the Preventive Maintenance Schedules (PMS) through oil changes, tire rotations, fluid checks, and filter replacements. Another service done is the 50-point checklist by going through a comprehensive checklist of things to check and potentially replace or service on your trucks.


Autokid’s Extra Step in After-Sales Services

As an ISO-certified truck solutions company, we at Autokid Truck Solutions are always committed to understanding our customers on a deeper level. Besides the usual PMS and 50-Point Checklist, we took an extra step in serving our customers after they purchased our truck units.


A Call Center for After-Sales? Autokid has that!

With the culture of being customer-oriented, we at Autokid Truck Solutions cater to customers’ after-sales inquiries and concerns through our Service Care Call Center team that handles and guides the customers needs through systemized phone calls. With just a quick phone call, you can have your truck-related concerns catered to instantly in a guided process.

“We are here to guide the customers. There is the commitment to guide and update them with their concerns,” Arthur Silverio, Service Manager of Autokid expressed.

It doesn’t end there! To deepen the commitment to our after sales services, we diversify the ways our clients can reach us. Autokid’s Service Care team handles more than 600 Group Chats in Facebook Messenger and Viber where clients who purchased our truck units are just one chat away from relaying their concerns.

“We need to do what is good for the customer. We made use of good platforms para lahat ng concerns ng customer are addressed,” Silverio shared.

With this innovative step towards after sales services, Autokid’s customer inquiry was fast tracked, receiving zero complaints because these problems are resolved on a customer level.


It’s Only Two! Make sure you Pursue

Resolutions are usually made to be pursued halfway but not fulfilled throughout the year. You only have these two truck maintenance resolutions to keep in mind. Make this effort worthwhile for it will benefit your businesses in the long run.

To recap: It starts with you and with Autokid. Contact us today at 0917-653-0000 or message us on our Facebook page: Autokid Truck Solutions and this 2024, let’s work together to commit to your truck units being well oiled and gears towards any obstacle this 2024.