THE PHILIPPINES IS a tropical country which means bacteria grow and food spoils at a faster rate than in colder regions. Preserving perishable goods has always been a challenge to us. Thanks to refrigeration technologies, though, we can keep our food and other perishable goods fresh for a longer period. 

One of the beneficiaries of refrigeration technologies is truckers who need to transport perishable goods under a cold chain using refrigerated vehicles. These truckers cater to various businesses from vendors of frozen goods to pharmacies Here are the top three businesses that benefit from owning a reefer van:

1. Meat Shops

Meat shops need to keep their meat fresh to make them enticing to customers. Transporting meat from the farms to the shops using a reefer van is beneficial as it keeps the product fresh and safe from bacteria and other elements. 

Some meat shops in the country also sell frozen goods such as hotdogs, tocino, chicken nuggets, and more. These products need to be under cold chain transport in their delivery from the manufacturer to the shop.

2. Fruit and Vegetable Vendors

The transport of fruits and vegetables from farms to the shops in the cities has seen delays and breaks in the supply chain during these past few months as roads passing through towns under lockdowns became impassable. A refrigerated vehicle could keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer periods and could be very useful when delays in deliveries are inevitable.

3. Pharmacies

A huge number of drugs are sensitive to temperature so they need to be transported under a cold chain from the manufacturer to the pharmacy. Pharmacies that have multiple branches and need to transport their supply of drugs from one location to another will surely benefit from owning a reefer van. 

The reefer van is an essential part of transporting perishable goods especially for a tropical country like the Philippines.

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