Trucks are a really big investment, and choosing the right truck can be daunting. But once you’ve acquired a truck, the next big thing to consider is how you’ll take care of your investment. Since trucks usually transport goods from long distances, it’s always good to make sure you check your truck to avoid accidents on the road. The acronym BLOWBAG is a good way to check your truck.

Batteries: When your engine has difficulty starting, or when “tumitirik” siya before starting, that’s a good indicator to change your battery. Get them replaced your trusted battery dealer.

Lights: Over time your headlights won’t shine as brightly as it did before. Make sure you clean or replace your lights when they become too dim or hazy. Visibility is key to prevent accidents on the road.

Oil: Your engine oil is one of the more important fluids for your engine because it minimizes the friction between the many moving pieces in your engine. It’s important to regularly check the oil levels of your truck’s engine. You can do this by using your truck’s included dipstick to measure its oil level. Here’s a great guide to checking and replacing oil.

Water: In a tropical country like the Philippines, it’s very important to bring water along to cool your car down. Make sure you have a litre or two of water in your truck to prepare for times when your engine overheats.

Breaks: Since trucks carry heavy loads, it’s really important that you check the condition of your brakes and the amount of your brake fluid. Minimize the chance of your brakes not working, especially in highways or mountainous roads.

Air: Checking your truck’s tire pressure is important. Both over inflating and underinflating a tire can cause damage to the rims and tires of your truck. Before a big trip, have a tireman at a your local gas station check the tire pressure. If you can buy your own tire pressure gauge, the better you can monitor your tires.

Gas: For long trips it’s best to gas up first before going. If you’re really running low on fuel, your truck’s dashboard will show a warning light, sometimes with an arrow pointing to which side your car’s gas cap is located. Fuel up!

Once you check your BLOWBAG, you’re good to go! But remember, you’re only as safe as you’re alert on the road. Rest well before a long trip, don’t use your phone on the road, and keep your cool. Go deliver results!

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