Driving to and from work can sometimes be (or always has been) stressful. 

The long and agonizing waits behind stop lights, the honking horns, and bumper to bumper traffic. These instances can easily affect our peace of mind while driving.

Harmonizing individuals with their surroundings through Chinese-rooted philosophy practices, Feng Shui is not just about arranging objects, it is about empowering us to create environments that not only nurture physical well-being but also cultivate positive energy and harmony in our lives.

Let’s delve into the transformative world of Feng Shui and discover the secrets of how a few intentional changes can turn our car and our drives into another thing we look forward to for the day.

P.S. You don’t have to be Chinese to do this!


SECRET 1: Don’t Delay, Keep Dirt and Clutter Away!

We know it’s tempting to just ignore the plastic bottles and fast food wrappers on the compartments and cup holders of your car, but these clutter unknowingly create a disorganized and overwhelming environment, preventing positive energy to flow and further inviting stress and discomfort. 

Consider a routine in cleaning your car. Follow the Two-Two-One Rule:

  • Remove trash and declutter every 2 days
  • Wash the exterior and windows every 2 weeks
  • Vacuum the carpet and seats every 1 month

Feng Shui teaches us that a clutter-free space allows positive energy to flow freely. By creating order within the limited space of your car, you not only enhance the visual appeal but also allow for a smoother flow of energy, promoting a sense of calm and balance while on your drive.


SECRET 2: Escape The Noise, Embrace Some Melody

It can be irritating to sit in traffic, hearing the constant honking of cars and random traffic noise. Further invite positive energy to your drives by playing some calming or uplifting music that resonates with your mood and aspirations. 

Just as Feng Shui seeks to balance energy within spaces, playing music during your drives will not only influence your mood but also positively affect the perception of your drive ahead. The right soundtrack can transport you to a state of calm amidst the bustling street traffic. 

Try creating a series of playlist that reflects every mood you may be in during your drives. From the rhythmic beats of ambient pop music to the timeless elegance of instrumental piano pieces, explore the various music genres and tailor fit a playlist to suit your unique preferences.


SECRET 3: Car Maintenance is Key to Balance

When was the last time you had your car had its routine maintenance? Or do you just do this once you experience problems – further causing you stress and interrupting your daily routine?

If you feel guilty after reading the sentence above, now is the best time to do an engine check-up! Check your car fluids, radiator, battery, tires, and brakes. If you have imbalance in your car’s mechanical system, fluid levels, or tires, it will create disharmony in your car.

Here at Autokid we have a dedicated Service Care Team complete with Call Center services to cater to your vehicle maintenance needs and inquiries.

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A well-maintained car reflects a sense of order and care, supporting the Feng Shui principle that the external environment influences the internal. Routine car maintenance is a proactive approach to prevent breakdowns, reducing the potential for stress-inducing surprises on the road. 


BONUS SECRET: Use the Lucky Colors of 2024 in Your Car!

As we step into the year 2024, year of the Wood Dragon, understand how incorporating the colors of the Wood element can enhance good fortune and positive energy to your drives.

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In the dynamic world of Feng Shui, a lot of what is discussed above really are just the things we can do on a regular basis, but forget due to the high demands of other responsibilities. From decluttering and car maintenance to the therapeutic influence of music, each Feng Shui secret shared with you influences the flow of energy and promotes harmony within your car

As you apply these Feng Shui secrets to your daily drives, embrace the coming of the positive energy and remember that your drive is an ongoing exploration of balance and harmony. 


Happy Chinese New Year and Drive Safely!