What should you know about Autokid’s new ambassador, James Deakin?

  1. Autokid-James Deakin Partnership
  2. How This Will be Good for Autokid
  3. What Makes James Unique
  4. James’ Super Power
  5. How Autokid’s Clients Benefit
  6. Autokid’s Vision


Last January 17, 2019, renowned automotive journalist James Deakin signed a contract with Autokid Truck Solutions to represent the brand as their ambassador. With an aim to be the number one trucking solutions company for businesses in the Philippines, they believe that having James Deakin as the face of the brand will help them uplift their brand. Autokid caters to those investing in new trucks for their businesses. They provide cargo trucks, transit mixers, tractors, and dump trucks from the best brands in the Philippines like Foton, Dongfeng, and Howo. Not only do they have trucks for sale in the Philippines, they also carry Truckstop, which provides truck parts and accessories. Here’s what Autokid has to say about their latest partnership with James Deakin:


Autokid-James Deakin Partnership

Autokid has chosen the renowned automotive journalist as the man to represent their brand. To put it plainly, Autokid believes that their partnership will go really well. The trucking brand has highlighted that James’ passion for the automotive industry in Philippine society is truly inspiring. What captured the hearts and minds of Autokid choosing James as the face of the brand is how he extends his passion of roadworthiness from commercial vehicles to trucks.
This is something that Autokid has been actively advocating. With the help of James, they can make their voices be heard even more. It’s that common drive they share that keeps them aligned and excited for what’s in store for them in the future. A fruitful relationship between the trucking solutions company and the automotive journalist is at the forefront of expectations.


How This Will be Good for Autokid

How is the brand going to benefit from this partnership?

In terms of what James will bring for the company as their ambassador, Autokid is confident that he will help promote the company. Boosting their brand’s reputation as a trustworthy name in the local trucking industry. Autokid believes that their partnership with James will uplift the already outstanding brand of the company along with the truck-related products and services they provide.

For those who don’t know about the brand or is new in the world of trucking in the Philippines, they’re convinced that James’ endorsement of the Autokid brand will provide their customers with the peace of mind. Many local motorists and auto enthusiasts know or at least have heard of James Deakin. His positive status with the motoring community can assure Autokid’s customers that the company is reliable when it comes to providing quality trucks and offering exceptional services for their businesses.


What Makes James Unique

What James Deakin can bring to the table that no other personality can are his views and shared beliefs with the company. “Never have we come across someone who has been so aligned with what we want to voice out”, according to Autokid.

With James’ resolve, expertise, and strong following, he can help us get our message across the whole local trucking community with ease. Autokid is looking to improve their standard when it comes to providing trucks and the best service for trucks. They know that they’re the company that can provide the best for other businesses.


James’ Super Power

As an experienced automotive journalist, James holds the same values and principles on how trucks in the Philippines should be like as Autokid. James and Autokid tell us that the quality of trucks, no matter how good, is not enough. The two believe that quality trucks would be for nothing if they don’t have enough support from the availability of parts and service. If all of these are met, then this strengthens the roadworthiness of trucks in the country.


How Autokid’s Clients Benefit

The combination of Autokid and James Deakin is something that has the potential to draw more clients for Autokid. Likewise, those who have no idea about who James Deakin is could learn more about the inspiring automotive journalist. Altogether, the partnership of Autokid and James Deakin will help their customers by ensuring them that they have a reputation to live up to. Autokid can provide them with whatever they need and give them a helping hand to get their businesses going. James Deakin will amplify the trustworthiness of the brand’s name.


Autokid’s Vision

Do you think James Deakin’s automotive philosophies are in line with Autokid’s vision?

The perfect partnership of James Deakin and Autokid stem from the alignment of their vision and automotive philosophies. Autokid expounded that their vision is to be the premier and number one household name for trucks in the Philippines. To achieve that, Autokid strives to provide quality truck solutions for their customers. James Deakin’s advocacies on the road safety and the improvement of Philippine’s transportation system go hand-in-hand with what Autokid is trying to achieve for the trucking industry. Autokid is confident to say that the more products and services they provide for the public, the safer and more efficient our transportation system can be as a whole.


Key Takeaway

The new partnership of James Deakin and Autokid Truck Solutions is a promising one. As they share a common goal in improving the roadworthiness of trucks. The goal of Autokid as being the number one choice for trucking solutions seems within reach with the help of James Deakin. In the Philippines, Foton trucks and many other high-quality brands won’t be enough if they do not have proper services. Trucks for sale in the Philippines have risen, meaning that the population of trucks on the road are rising; that goes without saying that the demand for truck roadworthiness is also growing. The Autokid and James Deakin combination could be the answer to the problems of the Philippines trucking industry.